I'm new at knitting and need help in finding a simple pattern for a vest or sweater. So far I have made slippers, wash cloths and pot holders. I'm learning.


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I just ordered the Knitting

I just ordered the Knitting (Man)ual for this very reason. I think it has some really plain vest patterns in it. A lot of guys have it here so maybe they can verify. Also have you tried doing a Google search for something like "men's knit vest pattern"? I've found some good patterns that way. Just be warned if its just some schmo posting a pattern it could be full of mistakes. Although books have mistakes too. Good luck and welcome to MWK.

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Welcome to MWK! I'm sure

Welcome to MWK! I'm sure one of the other guys will be by in a bit to give you some suggestions- I haven't progressed to garments yet, so I'm at a loss, myself.

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