Done at last...The Noro Scarf

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So, I took Skip's advice and made "The Noro Scarf." What great material to work with. One of my dogs already covets it. Although, I don't think she wants it for warmth. Of course, when I finished this last night, I immediately started another scarf project. I think after this next one I'll attempt a hat.




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Geoff..............gorgeous...............and the scarf is great as well! Good colors and wonderful're a natural!


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It's beautiful, Buck.

It's beautiful, Buck.

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Great colours.

Great colours.

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Beautiful! I love the color

Beautiful! I love the color combinations.


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Hey guys. Thanks for the

Hey guys. Thanks for the nice comments. To answer a few questions, I used size 7 needles and the yarn is Silk Garden, two skeins of 201 and one each of 225 and 217.
Now I'm fighting with a new scarf pattern that I keep picking up extra stiches some where. I've had to rip it apart three times. Time for a life line. to write and Alg test.


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I've got almost exactly the

I've got almost exactly the same color scheme in my next project to do bin. I hope mine looks as good as yours.


Noro is my favorite stash

Noro is my favorite stash yarn. I have yet to make anything out of the several skeins I have secreted away...but I am anxious to get something on the needles.

Which yarn and which colorway was that?

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I caught myself fondling

I caught myself fondling some Noro at the yarn store. i think I'll have to add some of it to my stash. Nice work on that scarf.

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Beautiful! The Noro colors

Beautiful! The Noro colors are delicious. What size needles did you use?