Stripey Sweater

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Here is Thumper posing in his stripy red sweater. I made it out of some Trekking sock yarn. When I was working on it, I was really worried that it would be too small, but it turned out to be the only thing that fit.

It's a great sweater for taking him out, because we don't have to worry about losing his hat. The zipper is up the back, so it won't get caught on his chin. I found the pattern for free online. The picture posted with the pattern is a quite ugly pink sweater with uneven seaming, but I took a chance and it turned out great.

Enjoy the picture!


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Simply adorable! Soon he'll

Simply adorable! Soon he'll be knitting himself, I bet!

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Oh man, Thumper's first

Oh man, Thumper's first hoody! I'm not just being nice - he is a way cute baby. Good work on both the sweater and the kid.


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He is sooooo cute! I just

He is sooooo cute! I just love the bright colors you use.


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Beautiful.........both baby

Beautiful.........both baby and sweater! Hurray for the bright colors!

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It really looks like Thumper

It really looks like Thumper is much bigger than the he was in the first picture that you posted. I love the sweater on him


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Very cute. Mason Linux:

Very cute.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Absolutely adorable ... baby

Absolutely adorable ... baby and sweater.