Yarn in Stockholm

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Just_A_Gurl_In_Seattle, I got your message - thanks! - but can't reply to it. (It says sender doesn't accept replies.) Hope you see this!
In Stockholm you will find Yarn Heaven here: "Wincent" at Norrtullsgatan 27 (near Odenplan, Norrmalm). You wouldn't want to know how much money I've spent there...
There is also "Marias garn" at S:t Paulsgatan 20 (Södermalm). Haven't actually been there but have met the owner a couple of times and know she sells excellent yarns and also arranges workshops etc. I think she even teaches beginners if you're interested, but you should check that out.
Also, I recommend a trip to Uppsala, where there is Yll o Tyll at Bredgränd 7.
Finally, DON'T DESPAIR! Stockholm is a fabulous city in spring, summer and autumn - would love to live there in spite of the winter months! Welcome to Sweden and Men Who Knit!


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You're very welcome! Good

You're very welcome! Good luck in hunting!
No, I don't teach knitting - but I've started thinking about it... Maybe I should give it a try if I get the opportunity. And thanks for your kind words!

Yes! Start teaching and we

Yes! Start teaching and we can do a correspondence course!!!

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Whatchamacallit? "Virtual

Whatchamacallit? "Virtual Aspen Grove at Your Service" perhaps? Bring yarn and needles and let's sit in the shade of the trees...

OOOOhhh.... Thank you sooo

OOOOhhh.... Thank you sooo very much.... I changed my account so I can now receive messages.... Where is it that you live???? I LOVE Stckholm.... BUt I am not used to this weather at all.... I like HOT weather much more than this cold.....
I LOVE this sight.... I have found that men have a different eye when it comes to crafts.... and I get much more inspiration from men for this reason....
I will have to check out these yarn stores.... I have NOT been able to find Cashmere here yet... I am looking for an 8 ply... the only place I have found it was through this guy in China.... and it might be a good deal.... But I would like to find it here before I order a kilo and a half (but the price is amazing)....
Do you teach knitting???? I saw your stuff on Flicker.... and WOW!!!!! You make beautiful stuff.... As you know how cold it is here.... that is why I am wanting to knit with Alpaca and cashmere... I just need warm stuff.... and it is sooooo expensive here, that I figured that making my own Cachmere and alpaca sweaters was a better way to go...... anyway..... Thank you for getting back to me.... Hope to see more of your stuff....

Thank you for the info....