Reasons Why I've Been So "Quiet"

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Hey folks!!!

Crawling out from lurkdom for a while...have missed you folks...logging in here and there just to see what's been going on.

After my promotion at work, I was enveloped with piles of work up to my nipples! I never thought being a supervisor in such a tiny call center had so much work! So, now, I'm actually at a human-sized workload and so, I have time, even in the middle of the day, to say hello and such.

...also...because of the fact I'd been so busy at work, most days, I refused to get on the computer or the phone as they have both been my entire life for the past few weeks. So, in the meantime I have been furiously KNITTING!!!

...and here are a few attachments.


The Vertical Sweater402.89 KB
The Winter Pines Sweater372.52 KB
The Brown Wool Sweater458.16 KB
Brown Wool Detail558.43 KB
Brown Wool Backside 1585.65 KB
Brown Wool Backside 2850.33 KB
The Soft Green Garter Yoke Sweater538.75 KB
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Dickey Simple (From "Knitting Around")815.21 KB
Knitted Hat (From Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Workshop") with a few extra colour rows879.64 KB


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Love the Vertical Sweater!!

Love the Vertical Sweater!! Info, man! What are you thinking with a tease like that!? Seriously--nice stuff.

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Mind boggling! All

Mind boggling! All beautifully done.


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Agree...I LOVE the vertical

Agree...I LOVE the vertical sweater.....MUST.....HAVE......PATTERN!!!!!!!! All of you FO's are wonderful! Glad you put the pics up.

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What brand of coolant do you

What brand of coolant do you use in your needles? I particularly like the brown wool sweater- it has a classic feel to it.

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Hi. Your sweaters are great.

Hi. Your sweaters are great. Good work. I like the vertical sweater a lot. You must be a very fast knitter! Very impressive indeed. Best wishes with the job and work.- Cullen

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Glad you have time now to

Glad you have time now to check in. You have been missed. Your sweaters are wonderful. You must have hibernated for months.

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Lots of Fo's! I know what

Lots of Fo's! I know what you mean about computers and phones....

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Congratulations on the

Congratulations on the promotion and all that goes with it! You are one amazingly productive knitter! All sweaters are beautiful.......especially the vertical sweater. Are you willing to share the pattern or directions, etc.

Enjoy the weekend!
Rex.............knit on.............

Man, you are a productive

Man, you are a productive one! Great work....

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Dude, you are one prolific

Dude, you are one prolific knitter!!!! Nice stuff.