Austin LYS? Knit Gatherig?

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Hey All!

I'll be in Austin TX this weekend (Fri-Mon) and I'm looking for an LYS and or a gathering of Knitters, so I can escape the family for a while. Any ideas?



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I've been to Hill Country

I've been to Hill Country Weavers too - they've got a great selection of unusual fibers, along with loads of the usual stuff. It's pretty big, and when I was there, the place was jammed. Huge classroom in back, too. Enjoy Austin - hope your dad's bionic knee goes in without a hitch.


I'll stop after this row. Honest.

There are several really

There are several really nice shops in Austin.
One great one is Hill Country Weavers. They are on Congress, south of the Capital a couple of miles (they are in an old house).

My other favorite is Bluebonnet Yarn. Bluebonnet is actually in Cedar Hill, north of Austin. The people there are fabulous!, and I love their selection.

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Thanks! I'm happy there's a

Thanks! I'm happy there's a couple of options. Dad's place is in northwest Austin, near the Arboretum, so Cedar Hill won't be too far (right?)

Just a few miles up 183, go

Just a few miles up 183, go right on Whitestone Blvd, they are on the right in a strip center next to Austin Pizza Co (or something like that).

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drive to houston

drive to houston

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Would love to. It's my

Would love to. It's my hometown! Unfortunately, Dad's had a knee replacement this week and I'll need to be close by even when I escape.