Lilac Baby Booties

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When I went home and Christmas my sister told me that she and her partner are going to be mommies in March. I'm thrilled to finally become an uncle. So I came home and started to knit. I made these booties using three plies of recycled lace-weight cashmere that I bought on ebay. I used size 2 double points and a pattern I found online called "Christine's Baby Booties." The color is a bright lilac. The picture looks too blue and too dark on my monitor. I also made a baby blanket in the same color using Mission Falls 1824 superwash. I used a cables and lace pattern that was fun to work. The lacework pulls the cables out of vertical giving it an overall zig-zag look. I'll post a picture when I get it blocked.


My boyfriends niece is

My boyfriends niece is expecting & you are inspiring me to make the baby a pair of booties now. Along with blankets & other things. 

Knit away, knit away

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Wow--there's a lot of detail

Wow--there's a lot of detail in these.  Quite impressive.  I like the laces.

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Wally, they are great - what

Wally, they are great - what a lucky baby to have an uncle who knits!  Our son is at that age when all he wants are commercially manufactured clothes.  Wear something homemade?  Heaven forbid!  What size needles did you use?  The booties must be very soft.  It's good to see another new member posting here!  Jesse

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Jesse, Thanks for your kind


Thanks for your kind words.  Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.  I used #2 American double points.  And yes the booties are VERY soft.  This was my first time to work with cashmere and it was a little slippery to knit on metal needles but I don't have any bamboo needles that small so I just made do.  I still have a fair amount of the cashmere left and haven't decided yet what to do with it.  I thought about making more booties but I rarely make the same thing twice so am looking for something else to do with it.  Maybe a nursing shawl?