Finished First Sweater!

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Hi! I finished my first sweater about a week ago and forgot to post it on here. Now, of course, I am moving on to a new sweater which this time is for me. I created this sweater from the pattern Saranac and made it for my mom hence the color choices. It might be a bit big for her, but she tends to shrink things anyway so it will all work out. Also, I didn't add a zipper because I cannot sew...seriously I've broken each machine I tried to use.
More photos, etc. on my ravelry account "joshvtknit"


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That is a great sweater. I

That is a great sweater. I love the borders. Can hardly believe it is your first. Congratulations.

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The sweater looks just

The sweater looks just great! Congratulations. What yarn did you use?

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It is Noro Silk Garden for

It is Noro Silk Garden for the edges and Berrocco Ultra Alpacca for the body.

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Beautiful! Congrats! It's

Beautiful! Congrats! It's a great feeling, isn't it?

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Very nice job!

Very nice job!

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I love the multi-color

I love the multi-color edging with the solid body, that's something which has not occured to me. And I love the color combinations. Well done! (If your mother doesn't like it, send it to me).

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What is your ravelry

What is your ravelry name?


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psst! he put it in his post

psst! he put it in his post above!

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DUH. OK, I'm awake

DUH. OK, I'm awake now.


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Great job. You should be

Great job. You should be very proud of your accomplishment.

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Fantastic! The colors are

Fantastic! The colors are beautiful, I'm sure your mom will love it.


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Looks great! Will she model

Looks great! Will she model it for us too do you think? (BTW, personally wouldn't even toy with the idea of adding zippers - it would be a disaster!)