Felted Clogs "After"

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These are the finished felted clogs (men's size 9 u.s.) I am not a very experienced knitter and found these were relatively easy to make and taught me a lot about knitting in the round, picking up stitches, increasing and decreasing and sewing simple seams. Any inconsistencies or mistakes virtually disappear because they shrink so tightly in the washing machine during the felting process. They do take a long time to dry completely (several days). They are knit on circular needles with two strands together. They are very thick and durable and made with a double sole for extra padding and wear. Seude soles can be purchased separately and sewn on after if you want something even sturdier. I have made several pair and everyone I know wants some! I need to take Kiwiknitter's advice and only offer to teach those who want some to knit. I haven't even made myself any! Glad I found MWK! Time to get back to my knitting! Cheers!


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Marty, Great job!  I used


Great job!  I used the same pattern and just felted mine on Friday.  Did you have any trouble with them felting unevenly?  I had to leave one in the washer a lot longer than the other and they're still not exactly the same size.  Not really surprising since I knitted them six months apart.  I flew through the first one and then kept getting lost in the short rows on the other.  I ripped it ALL out three times before I put it away.  I pulled it back out last week and finished the second one.  I'm wearing mine right now (even though they're not completely dry yet, I couldn't wait.)

I love your color choices.  I was unimaginative and did monochromatic in Forest green but they are soooooo comfy. 


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What a nice pair of clogs!

What a nice pair of clogs! As a scandinavian in the middle of winter with a very drafty floor it looks absolutly neccessery to wear a pair.

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Marty,  I love the

Marty,  I love the colour.  I thought the slippers looked beautiful before felting, albeit a tad large and I was amazed at the different look after washing.  I've never felted anything before but this makes me want to give it a try.  Can you share the pattern or where to find it?  It's always great when new members post and share here.  Thanks for that.  Cheers,  Jesse

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Very nice! When are we going

Very nice! When are we going to see them on you? And when are you going to make my pair? :-D

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Yep, these are the Fiber

Yep, these are the Fiber Trends clogs.  Thanks for the comment!