Baby's first pants

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Thumper arrived early Saturday morning and is a little peanut. My in-hospital project was a pair of supersoft newborn pants in Knitpicks Crayon. Here's Thumper trying them on (since the hospital just likes to dress babies in shirts and diapers). Just for fun, we compared them to a pair of "newborn" pants we got as a gift.

It is very fulfilling to make a project and see the end product so quickly!

More baby and knitting patterns to follow....

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Congratulations! Thumper is

Congratulations! Thumper is adorable in his new pants.


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Adorable - both Thumper &

Adorable - both Thumper & the pants, of course! A future MWK member, that's evident!

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Thanks for sharing Thumper

Thanks for sharing Thumper with us, what a wonder babies are, they remind me to dream and be amazed by what's around me. The yellow pants are great and Thumper is too! Hope the Mother is doing well. Remember - children are for spoiling, this one will have lots of knitted goods for starters I guess.

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Grats! omg how cute! If

Grats! omg how cute! If I was as naive as I was about 20 years ago, I'd have another. The pants are great, Hope mom and baby are doing well.
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How cool! I'm a new grandpa

How cool! I'm a new grandpa and have been knitting up a storm for a granddaughter (11 months) and grandson (5 months)'s wonderful to be able to provide clothes for them other than pink and blue! Keep up the bright colors!

Aw, Thumper is adorable!

Aw, Thumper is adorable! Nice job on the pants too!

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Best wishes to the baby and

Best wishes to the baby and the daddy! The pants are adorable...

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Kudos! Blessings and peace

Kudos! Blessings and peace to your family (and early knitting instruction for Thumper!)

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THUMPER is Thumper a boy or girl? soon to be born grandaughter is temporarily being called Jupiter...

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This place is getting really

This place is getting really dangerous - now I want a baby. OMG, he is so perfect. And those pants ........!
I wish I were knitting now.

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Congrats!!!! Thumper is


Thumper is adorable, especially with the yellow pants!


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Awww!! Thumper's

Awww!! Thumper's adorable... and those pants are so great! Congrats on the baby and on the pants. The gift pants are cute too, but your yellow pair are the bestest! Pass out the cigars!