WIP - Hemlock Ring Blanket

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I'm currently working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'm using Cascade Eco+ Blue #7076 on two #10 circular needles. Here it is at round 47.
Hemlock Ring Blanket001

The pattern can be found at http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/2007/08/hemlock-ring-blanket.html


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Thanks for sharing the close

Thanks for sharing the close up! I'm just starting a Hemlock Ring (also in Cascade Eco, except I chose maroon) and seeing the detail is very helpful.

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Lovely blue!
...there's someting cheerful about knitting with a wonderful colour...it can make a long term knit much more pleasant.

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Looking good. Can't wait to

Looking good. Can't wait to see it finished.

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gotta love those Cascade

gotta love those Cascade colours. Your work is impressive, what a great project.

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Beautiful work! Randy

Beautiful work!


WOW, I am so impressed.

WOW, I am so impressed. What a beautiful pattern and color.

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What is the fiber and how

What is the fiber and how large will the blanket be?

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It's 100% Natural Peruvian

It's 100% Natural Peruvian Wool. The size has yet to be determined. The pattern extension creates a roughly 4 foot blanket, but you could keep extending it. I haven't decided.


I love the colour and the

I love the colour and the pattern. It will be gorgeous when finished.

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Paul, that's an amazing

Paul, that's an amazing color. I'm kinda jealous, actually. Mine seems all boring and I realize I do a lot of things in grey. I wonder if this might be indicative of something...

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I usually gravitate toward

I usually gravitate toward darker colors, but I chose to override my natural tendency for using dark colors and got this nice shade of blue (there was a really pretty dark green Cascade Eco+ that I almost got). I'm really glad that I chose a lighter color.
I'm really enjoying knitting this pattern. It's also been good to have something low impact to work on while I'm recovering from a mild case of pneumonia.

Get well soon.

Get well soon.

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It's a great pattern, and

It's a great pattern, and will be so warm.