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This is my second time doing this project. The first attempt ended less than ten inches in after I had picked up an extra stitch somewhere, tried knitting it out on the next row and managed to pick up two additional stitches. Had a dream last night some waitress at a restaurant where I was knitting attempted to show me a new stitch she'd learned and accidentally (I still think it was on purpose) unraveled and knotted up my yarn. Oh HELL no.

Sooooo, I'm posting pictures of the scarf (still intact, thank you very much), as a way of telling that imaginary waitress she can go F herself.


Also, I think it's a pretty scarf thus far.

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Nice pattern and the color

Nice pattern and the color works really well with the stitch pattern. I've been swatching lately for a lacy scarf like this one. What yarn is this?

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It's Plymouth Galway

It's Plymouth Galway Highland Heather. 100% wool. :-)

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It is a great color and a

It is a great color and a beautiful pattern. I've never tried lace and when I'm done with the pair of socks I'm working on maybe I'll try that... or then I might need to actually work on a hat pattern and writing it down with all the specifics to perhaps go into the book!!

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It's beautiful and well

It's beautiful and well worth the effort. As for the waitress, next time leave a better tip.

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Chalk up another who was

Chalk up another who was aftraid we were going to see another YSP; glad this one is working otu. Colour is great for the pattern!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

It is a pretty color. I

It is a pretty color. I started that in January and ripped it out as I kept making mistakes. I figured I would re-start it when I had more time and patience. It looks great and reminds me to keep that pattern in my stash.

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What a great pattern! Your

What a great pattern!
Your story reminded me of a lace afghan I once did ... and never again ...

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I haven't tried an afghan

I haven't tried an afghan yet. Hopefully I won't break my needles in a fit of rage like Asplund. LOL j/k ;-)

It's a very pretty scarf,

It's a very pretty scarf, but when I first started reading I thought we were in for another YSP.

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LOL Not quite. However, my

LOL Not quite.

However, my boyfriend very sweetly requested that I knit him a felted pink flamingo, so I'm sure there'll be another YSP coming up! LOL

I've already got the pattern...............

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The flamingo designed by

The flamingo designed by Debbie Radtke? It's one of my Flickr faves, a picture that always makes me laugh!

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Beautiful! The color is

Beautiful! The color is gorgeous.


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Thank you! It's not a color

Thank you! It's not a color I'd have ever picked out, but it is for the general manager at the store that is selling all my stuff. I'm making it as a thank you gift because they're only marking them up by about a buck or two, so they're not making much off them when they sell. They're being very kind and generous, and I didn't want to knit her just any scarf, so here it is. I'm kind of pissed at myself for taking so long to make it. I probably will not finish it until next week, and she'll only get a month or so of use out of it until it'll be spring. Booooo on me!

Nevertheless, the color (which I initially hated) has grown on me. :-)

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It looks

It looks amazing!