Knitting for Him/Sweater Workshop books

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My LYS project instigator (lookie over here, see what we got, and the yarn too...she even jokingly calls herself the fiber pimp) showed me a new book they are carrying, it's called Knitting for Him.
I like the patterns I'm seeing therin, has anybody else seen it/tried it?

here's a link to the Amazon page for the same book:

I did succumb at my LYS, and purchased the book, plus the yarn to make the Bird's Eye Mitts...she was successful in her sales pitch

I also bought the book "The Sweater Workshop" and will eventually make the practice 'sweater fish' out of some red heart that I have lying around. This also seems like a good resource book.


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I have Knitting for Him and

I have Knitting for Him and the yarn for a cardigan (small stiches, so Fall Colors!) I LOVE every pattern in it. I can't wait to spend some more time with it. Not a bad looking pattern in the lot!


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I am very familiar with

I am very familiar with Jackie Fee's book. It was that book which set me free from slavishly following commercial patterns and also finally explained in terms I could understand Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentages system. Although I don't knit anything from the book, the knitting knowledge remains with me. Jackie has a Yahoo group which is very helpful when just starting in her book. I was one of the earliest members and glad I was there to help me to understand. The link is:

If you join, say Hi for me!

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I like Jackie Fee's Sweater

I like Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop book. I learned ~a lot~ from the sampler project, but the sweater patterns in there are sort of, well...icky. Still, it was worth it - after the workshop, I could easily modify the patterns to make them into something I'd actually wear.


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That is one of the two books

That is one of the two books I bought this month, the other is Men in Knits. I've started a sweater vest from this second book, but am looking forward to the projects in the Knitting for Him book - keep us posted on the birds-eye mitts - those are one of the things I want to try. I'm starting a fair Isle class this week at my LYS and am looking forward to learning color work.

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Hmmm I'll have to check it

Hmmm I'll have to check it out. I was hoping they had one of those Peek Inside things but alas they don't.

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I just started the Argyll

I just started the Argyll V-Neck designed by Martin Storey from "Knitting For Him". So far I'm pretty happy with the results although I'm not a big fan of intarsia. I think the FO will be quite nice and the Rowan Scottish Tweed is interesting to work with; the gauge swatch I made blocked up nice and soft even though the yarn is very rough and uneven. The Rowan yarns are expensive but high quality and the pattern is well-written and easy to follow. Good luck with your choices!

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