What if we did write a knitting book as a group? Would you want to:

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Contribute to and buy the book
68% (180 votes)
Contribute to but not buy the book
2% (5 votes)
Buy but not contribute to the book
27% (72 votes)
Neither buy nor contribute to the book
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 263


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GREAT IDEA!!!!! . . .

GREAT IDEA!!!!! . . . .
.I'll contribute...and buy copies as gifts...proceeds could go to support this site...and/or charity.

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I'd love to contribute to

I'd love to contribute to something like this (not sure what). Maybe if we had personal stories in there, too? I could share the YSP story. Ha! Seriously, though, with that many contributors, how in the world would you split royalties? The YSP story is a freebie from me, though. ;-)

I'd buy it!!!! So much

I'd buy it!!!! So much knowledge in this forum...so much testosterone (and a sprinkle of estrogen)...so much...oh never mind.

I would have nothing to contribute but sure the heck would proof read.

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I'd be thrilled to do

I'd be thrilled to do whatever I could to help!

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I'm in! Woo!

I'm in! Woo!