What if we did write a knitting book as a group? Would you want to:

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Contribute to and buy the book
68% (180 votes)
Contribute to but not buy the book
2% (5 votes)
Buy but not contribute to the book
27% (72 votes)
Neither buy nor contribute to the book
2% (6 votes)
Total votes: 263


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Oh, yeah! Count me in! Only

Oh, yeah! Count me in! Only from a design/colour standpoint, th0!! Not nearly as prolific as most of you guys! Gotta say, th0, looking at all the things that have been made by the men on this site has truly inspired me to greater things. All my thanx!!

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Being new to Knitting and

Being new to Knitting and this site, I have been reading and admiring all the great pieces of work members have been making. I'm sure you could fill a book with projects they have made and fill a second book with tips, suggestions and helpful advice gained by many years of practice.
I just hope that one day I will be able to knit with a fraction of the skill that so many members have shown.

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Welcome to MWK! You'd be

Welcome to MWK! You'd be surprised at how new to knitting some of the guys here are.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I would buy the book, but at

I would buy the book, but at my stage of attempting to learn to knit, there is nothing I could contribute to it, except how to drop stitches, make mistakes, and have a raggedy tension.

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I disagree. I think

I disagree. I think articles on a beginners progress through an initial project; and/or first few projects are always interesting.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Darrel mentioned a possible

Darrel mentioned a possible e-zine recently; that could be a good collection point for book contibutions- especially if the "issues" weren't 100% archived.

I think it would be a best

I think it would be a best seller to both men who knit and women. As men (well I know I do) we are forced to buy knitting magazines that are sold in the "Women's Interest" section. I always feel a bit vulnerable when standing at the cashier and I hand them a magazine with a picture of a lacy cardigan and I feel like I have to emphasize that I'm not going to make it for me, besides the pattern wouldn't have my size. I think it would be refreshing to browse for books or magazines on knitting amongst the Men's Health, GQ, fishing magazines and WWE's monthly magazine. And free gifts could be included like stitch holders that are any colour other than pink, thimbles that don't have flowers or butterflies painted on or pin-cushions with embroidered hearts, cupids and kittens.

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If I was good enough, I

If I was good enough, I would try, but I would just buy the book. :) I think that it would have a TON of great patterns and I would love to try each and everyone of them since it would help me improve a great deal!

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Morgan HicksAll Points

Morgan Hicks
All Points Yarn
21921 Marine View Drive South
Des Moines, WA  98198

Just let me know, I would enjoy putting some patterns, stitches, technique descriptions, editorial content, etc. together for us to consider for publication, technically edit (proofread), and provide any other service desired by you guys.

I am providing my store location if anyone wishes to discuss this project further.

Morgan Hicks
All Points Yarn

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I'd be so in... Wouldn't be

I'd be so in... Wouldn't be a pattern designer, but depending on how a book was going to get produced - largely done by the group or put out to a professional publisher - I'd offer to do the DTP if needed. It's not my main line of work, but I already do a small trade magazine and would love to get stuck into something larger.

If it were a real book, I think the sticking point could be who'd pay for a print run? Who fancies contacting Interweave and similar publishers to find out if they'd take it on? A group of male knitters contributing to a book could be a publisher's worst nightmare. it would be interesting to find out.

Another way could be an eBook or PDF for download. Would be able to do the DTP for that too.

The other thing to consider is who would project manage the process? PM is a skill all of its own, but project managing a group of volunteers I probably an art.

Great idea, look forward to seeing what comes out of it.

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I would definitely want to

I would definitely want to contribute. As time marches on, I get fussier about what books I will purchase for my knitting library. Usually pass on it when there is only 1 or 2 designs that interest me. Putting the proceeds to the site or a charity works fine.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Anything I

Yes. Yes. Yes. Anything I can do !

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I'm far from being a

I'm far from being a designer, but, could contribute in the area of proof reading, or test knitting.

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I'm SO in... but I'd love to

I'm SO in... but I'd love to see proceeds (if any) go to a good and worthy cause... Human rights? Men's Issues? HIV Support?
This would be a good one for some of our straight member friends to speak up on.....
Peace all,

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If we do this, I am sure

If we do this, I am sure that there are going to be proof knitters and proof readers needed, and lots of other things other then just people to submit designs. So not being an original knitter doesn't mean you can't contribute. then there are stories, which again don't need to be about original patterns...

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I'd consider being a test

I'd consider being a test knitter of lace patterns.

I used to proof read

I used to proof read knitting patterns in my previous life, so I could possibly help with that.

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there are a couple angles

there are a couple angles that would interest me and set a book a part that is not simply a gender issue or non-crappy designs (but, please no lame designs) and that is the human angle. people, hearts, human stories matter above and beyond our common interest in yarns and knitting. without an interesting story, i think you are re-inventing a format that has always lacked something for me. it's the difference between a decent cookbook, and a book about human stories by way of food.

my two cents

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lame designs? I thrive on

lame designs? I thrive on those! Just because I can't K1, P2 yet doesn't mean squat, so long as it makes it fun and I'm not gouging my eyes out with a size 10 needle. :P

On the fact of lame designs, anything with color coordination that looks like it should be put into a porn video (ya know, the type that could be lime green, black stripe and lemon yellow fur), then I'd be up for it!

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Hey. I think I'm liking you.

I think I'm liking you. (in an appropriate way...)
Your comments on the knitting book are almost exactly what I would've said.
Difference between "Joy of cooking" and "like water for chocolate."
Peace my friend.

ps. I'm a tenor, I could never sing Anita. LOL

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you can like me

you can like me appropriately or inappropriately. as for singing anita, lived in germany, and they have machines that can make you sing anything you want :)

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As a somewhat new knitter no

As a somewhat new knitter no original patterns as of yet. How can I contribute...Oh though I do have a whole-lotta passion. Maybe chapters on men with stashes how we got started, mentors and where our inspirations come from. Our favorite charities to knit for...if not chapters then a mention in a paragraph or two. I would buy more than one copy as well as get my my local yarn shop to purchase a few. The only Mr Knitter in the local groups, I can inspire as well as be inspired. Great idea!

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Hey guys! As I just told

Hey guys! As I just told Herr Purly Man in a private message, we've been batting the idea of book publishing around for a long time, on and off site. It also came up in a focus group we did with some members a couple of months back, so it's great to see these kinds of ideas gaining traction in everyone's head!

Recently, our dear , fresh from Knitty celebrity, visited from Berlin and we were talking about his plans for an upcoming book, how we (Frank and I) want to publish a book, and how the site could help promote his patterns and his and anyone else's books.

The first idea was creating a Patterns section for our members to submit patterns. The tricky part of this is editing/standardizing things, but that could also be a community-led effort like the wikipedia model. Some of it could also be worked out through the interface used to enter the pattern. This would be a great way to not only share patterns you've created, but get feedback on them and have them tested by other knitters. We could also make it possible to vote on them and let the most popular ones rise to the top.

A variation on that was a pay-to-download idea where you could post a pattern with some pictures. People can see the pictures, but they pay a price you set to download the pattern. MWk would keep a small commission on the sale. That might be a nice future addition, but premature now, I think. We thought if a person had a few free patterns that were great, folks might trust that designer and be more inclined to pay for it.

The second was doing a MWK podcast. We have an amazing community and I think it'd be great to interview other members and share the advice, wit, and humor that every single one of us have. It'd also be a great way to promote goods and services from our members, books, calendars, stylish project bags or whatever else anyone wants to make!

The third was a Etsyesque online store so members could put their creations up for sale to other members or site visitors.

The fourth was a section of the site for more editorialized or curated content in the shape of a webzine. Interviews, a couple of patterns, some knitting news... that sort of thing. It'd also be a place to promote some "best of" content from the site and feature members doing or making cool stuff.

And then comes the book. In my head, it's always been books. I've wanted to do a theme-based series of MWK-branded books with patterns contributed by the members. knizKNITS and I wanted to start a men's knitting revolution. Perhaps now is the time!

As we all know, there is a HUGE shortage of men's pattern books. It's the reason the curse regarding giving your boyfriend a sweater exists, I'm convinced! There's also no shortage of crappy pattern books on the shelves either. It's really sad. I love seeing books like Knitting With Balls on the shelf at Borders. It makes me happy, but I think it could use some brotherly love up there.

When Frank (my biz partner, not purly man!) and I have talked about publishing a book in the past, the model has always been something akin to us managing publishing/marketing aspects, seeking submissions from members, and then paying the included contributors either some flat fee, a royalty based on sales, or a combination of both. Donating some of the revenues to charities is something we believe in, as well, and will do. There are also "green" publishers, too, which is another nice angle to consider.

Drupal, the software that runs MWK, has a "book" module that I believe works similar to how a wiki does. I'll investigate that and see if would serve us well in regards to getting us a member patterns area or maybe in putting together an e-book kind of thing.

I've also seen some modules to associate various creative commons copyright licenses with pieces of content. I sometimes worry is that if a bunch of us start publishing books and we're posting some patters on site that someone might get wise and start poaching them for use without permission. Does anyone else have concerns along these lines?

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I'll contribute my thong

I'll contribute my thong pattern if we can find the right model...

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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...just think what fun you'll have auditioning models....

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I must confess - I'm so

I must confess - I'm so cheap I'd probably just borrow it from my local library!

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Being a librarian, I almost

Being a librarian, I almost added "or borrow from the library" to the poll, but wanted to keep it simple. We borrow knitting books all the time. I have "The Knitting Man(ual)" and "Knitting with Balls" checked out as we speak.

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I think this is a great

I think this is a great idea... I'm in!

What a great idea. But what

What a great idea. But what a task to pull it all together! I'm game. I'm sick to death of spending $$$ to get a book where you find one or two items that are appropriate for men. Let's work at this.....

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I'd contribute and buy but

I'd contribute and buy but being so new, I'm not sure what. However, my concern is who will play me in the movie.


Kevin Costner.

Kevin Costner.

I could buy that

I could buy that

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This is an intriguing idea.

This is an intriguing idea. I would buy this book even if it was written in crayon and bound with construction paper. I'd also be happy to proofread/edit and perhaps provide an article/interview from a beginner's or man knitting point of view. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help with designs etc. as I am not yet advanced enough for that.
I think interviews/blurbs from men about how and why they came to knit would certainly be of interest. Naturally interviews and profiles of the more famous men who knit would also be interesting were they willing (or if their publishing contracts allow).
I also think it would be a point to discuss what we don't want the book to be (in comparison to other knitting books and/or knitting books geared toward men), thus avoiding those problems and providing a new format that would set the book apart.
I also like the idea of proceeds going to the Men Who Knit site. Usually I'm all for things going toward charity but I think in this case, the site is more deserving. After all, here we are provided with a free (to us), forum where many of us spend a great deal of time reading, bantering, learning and sharing our experiences. It costs money and time for us to have that opportunity and this could be a good way for us, the users of that service, to really give something back.

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Count me in............would

Count me in............would enjoy test knitting a pattern to check for errors and do whatever else could contribute to the assemblage of the book. Would also purchase at least one copy!

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I'd contribute, too. Great

I'd contribute, too. Great idea.

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I think it's a great idea -

I think it's a great idea - I like the idea of proceeds going to the site and/or charity...

I'm more of a tatting designer than a knitting one, but I'd come up with something... I promise!

Grace and Peace,

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I'm all for the idea of

I'm all for the idea of proceeds going to the site and/or charity, especially charity.

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As a book whore, I'll buy

As a book whore, I'll buy almost any knitting related book, so yes I'd buy one. Also, would be willing to contribute, have some things already designed but never published and always playing with other ideas.

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Aha! So I'm not the only

Aha! So I'm not the only one (book whore, that is!).

I'd definitely contribute and buy a couple of copies.

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I can contribute with both

I can contribute with both old and new pattern and item

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I would LOVE to buy a book

I would LOVE to buy a book if it were printed. Perhaps the only thing that I could contribute would be a witty anecdote for a fore/afterward section. Or I can put my editor cap on and whip out my red pen to check for grammar errors...Ask the BF...I tend to do that with just about any book I read anyway :)

But seriously, it would be a cool book.

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Get out the red pen, but

Get out the red pen, but forget the grammar errors----make sure the patterns don't contain any errors (I'm sure we've all had a few of those patterns where what was written is not what was knit...)

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Don't remind me! MMario -

Don't remind me!

MMario -

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I'd be willing to contribute

I'd be willing to contribute to the book - whether I'd buy it or not depends on how good a job we did.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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When it's done we can have

When it's done we can have Kiwi review it and then we can all decide if we wanna buy it!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Great idea! I would

Great idea! I would contribute if I could think of anything worth while.


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with all the talent here, I

with all the talent here, I don't believe I'd have anything to contribute, but I would definately buy it. I think this is a fantastic idea. I think with your wonderful hats, MMario's shawls, Albert's humor.....etc etc etc Icould go on all day mentioning you guys. This book could not only be patterns but a very entertaining read as well.
Scenter, your ability to explain patterns in mathmatical form would make a fantastic addition. I know most everything is math based, but you make it interesting and simple for those of us without great mathmatical minds to understand.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I'm not sure what I could

I'm not sure what I could contribute, but I'm interested.

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Sounds like a great idea!

Sounds like a great idea! I'd definitely buy it and would be interested in contributing, although I'm not sure what; I suppose it could be either a pattern or a text (like Scandinavian traditions).

scenter's picture

Love it, would be glad to

Love it, would be glad to help out, if I can. Of course I'd buy it too!