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Still working on this Column of Leaves scarf, and noticed near the end of this row that there was an extra stitch. Whoops! For the first time, I was able to undo almost a whole row of knits, purls, yarn overs, and even a couple of SKPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I realized that I'd undone a slip-knit-passover correctly, I about peed myself. It's all about really looking at the yarn and seeing how the different stitches make it look. This pattern takes more concentration than I'd like. Sometimes I like mindless knitting in between and during (shhh!) calls at work. But this pattern's turning out well. I was thinking of knitting that leaf fringe from Knitting On the Edge, but I think the scarf speaks for itself and doesn't really need any additional flair.


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I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First there was Knitting

First there was Knitting Without Tears. Coming soon,- Tinking Without Tinkling: The YugiDean Story.

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Could be part of the MWK

Could be part of the MWK knitting book purly man suggests, not to mention the advertising campaign!

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Oh it hurts to laugh! I

Oh it hurts to laugh! I should have known better than to come here today knowing that Albert lurks about!
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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LOL Nice. For those really

LOL Nice. For those really complex patterns, I find that a portable urinal (available at your local hospital) is especially handy for avoiding concentration breaks.

Ew, that was gross. LOL

You crack me up sometimes

You crack me up sometimes albert!

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That's brilliant!!!

That's brilliant!!!

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Congrats on successful

Congrats on successful Tinking

I've been working on Brooke's Column of leaves scarf too (Doing it in Fortissima Socka Colori), the one thing that always gets me is that P2togtbl. I do it, but the flow of my knitting grinds to a halt as I try to insert the needles into 2 stitches from the back left to front right, and purl it. I do like the way this pattern knits up though.
Do you have a pic of your WIP?
here's mine:

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Uhoh...can't see the pattern

Uhoh...can't see the pattern at all...variagated yarn photographed against a same value background...

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Yeah, sorry, I need to take

Yeah, sorry, I need to take better pics. In RL the pattern shows up well. The gray is overemphasised by the photo.

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Don't have a picture yet,

Don't have a picture yet, but Ill try to take one when I get home tonight. I agree about the P2togtbl, too. It's definitely the odd-stitch-out on this pattern. I think my favorite part of this pattern is the edging. Slipping the first and last stitches every other row, then purling them on the alternate rows is really creating a beautiful, consistent edge. I love the texture of the garter edge next to the lacey area, too!

I'm using Galway Heather in the light green color. I'm nervous about blocking this...don't have a blocking board or anything, so it'll be rough.