Hiking Socks... Great 1st time sock project if you've never tried socks before

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I just finished the Hiking Socks out of the Knitting (Man)ual (I just made them in one color though). Talk about quick! I started them yesterday and finished them tonight. I'm not so sure what I think about using such thick yarn for socks - a little worried about whether or not the "grain" is going to be too much. We'll see. In any case, If you haven't tried socks before, these would be a great starter.

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Great looking socks. How do

Great looking socks. How do they feel on? I'm currently working on my first pair but using a light worsted with #4s and they're pretty nubby and thick. I would much prefer the #7s because as you said they would just go faster. If they're comfortable to wear I'd like to try them next. I pretty much live in clogs so if they're good in those they would be good for me.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Tim, your socks look great.

Tim, your socks look great. I'm currently knitting the twisted stitch socks from the same book. There are some nice patterns in it.

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Love 'em.

Love 'em.

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I'm working on those right

I'm working on those right now! Not taking me just a couple days though. Wow... that is quick. Mine are brown at the top (like your) and then will have a burnt orange body, oatmeal heel, and brown toe. Based on QueerJoe's comments, I started on 5s, have gone to 6s, and then will go to 7s on the stockinette section. I can't wait to finish them and wear them!

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Great job on the

Great job on the socks!


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Excellent job! They look

Excellent job! They look very comfy.


I think they look terrific.

I think they look terrific. The thicker yarn makes them look for comfy and warm.

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Those turned out quite nice,

Those turned out quite nice, though I think I'd probably want the tops to be a little bit higher. If the purl bumps are a bit much on the soles of your feet, you could always try redoing them with the soles in reverse stockinette so that the smooth side of the knitting is against your feet.

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If I make them again, I'll

If I make them again, I'll do the tops higher too. The basic pattern called for 8", but I'd definately do at least 10.

As for the heel, I think it'll be ok, I'll probably wear them mostly with a pair of heel-less clogs.

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What kind of heel do they

What kind of heel do they have? Are they top down or bottom. Either way they look great! What kind of yarn did you use and what size needle?


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They're top down, size 7

They're top down, size 7 needles and the heel is made flap-style in a 2-row pattern (Row 1: sl1 as if to p, knit repeated; Row 2: purled.)

The Yarn is Nashua's Handknits Creative Focus Superwash (Color 35). I've used it (in a different color) before to make the Koolhaas hat (2 of them, actually). It's nice yarn, except that this skein had several spots where the yarn had "blubs" .. I don't know what else to call them... little "poofs" of yarn that weren't wrapped as solidly. I'm happy with it though. It took me barely over 1 skein (100 g./218 yd/200 m) for the pair. It's labeled 50% marino and 50% wool, which I think is a little funny, because isn't marino wool? Oh well.
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