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Hello, Men!

Have any of you used Qiviut yarn? This is the soft undercoat of the Arctic Musk ox. I'm knittig it up now, and I'm not happy with it.

A couple of weeks ago I relented to a nagging urge and purchased a 1 oz. ball of Qiviut yarn at my lys. It wasn't cheap, but I'd heard so many wonderful things about the softness and fineness of the yarn, that I thought it would make a great gift for Mom (Mother's day is coming up!)

After about 8" of a diamond lace pattern, I suddenly realized that the scarf feels just like wool. I have merinos that are softer than this Qiviut! I expected it to be at least as soft and buttery as cashmere, but no!

Any ideas?



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Check out what they're

Check out what they're asking for an ounce of Buffalo down- for that kind of money I'd want the yarn and a couple of rump roasts as well.

Hey, guys..thanks for the

Hey, guys..thanks for the input. The brand is Windy Valley Muskox, in Alaska, and is labelled as being 100% Qiviuk (their spelling). It's not scratchy like cheap wool, it's as soft as 'good' wool, but not as fine and soft as a good Merino. It is warm, though. I paid $68.00 for one ounce....does that seem right for the 'good' qiviut?


PS The spinning wheel sounds like a great idea....i've been thinking about if for some time now.

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qiviuk is an alternate that

qiviuk is an alternate that I've seen before...but...
I went out to their website - and they consistently spell it 'qiviut' there. and they charge $83 per oz for their pure qiviut. (that's before shipping)
They have a qiviut/merino/silk blend @ $53 and a "Royal" qiviut/silk blend at $64.

I wonder if you possible got a knock-off and or one of the blends? Seems odd that a retailer would be seelling so much cheaper then the outlet. (I will admit - I am a cynical sort of person)

the cheapest I've found it on the web is $82 and change.

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Wow. I buy a lot of dvds,

Wow. I buy a lot of dvds, and I have to be on the lookout for counterfeit discs. I never would have thought that I would have to watch for counterfeit yarn!

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Brent Troth  Clearwater,

Brent Troth  Clearwater, Florida

I have not knit with Quivit, but saw bunches of it at a yarn store in Alaska when my partner and I took a cruise there. It was horribly expensive, but very soft and the sample scarves the store had displayed were also very soft and warm. I couldn't justify the price of the yarn, but bought the book "Arctic Lace" while I was there as a knitting memento of my trip.

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Just as not all wools are

Just as not all wools are equal - not all alpaca, not all merino, etc, I'm sure that not all qiviut yarn is the same. As Mike mentioned - first, they can lable it qiviut even if it is only 5%; secondly, preparation of the fiber, how it is spun, etc can all effect.

I've heard rumours that there is some qiviut "out there" that is the result of SHAVING musk oxen - and I'm sure that it doesn't come close to approching the plucked or shed down.

BTW - just curious - is there a company name or Brand name associated with the qiviut you purchased?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

I'm guessing that what you

I'm guessing that what you bought wasn't 100% Qiviut down. The down is usually blended with something else for two good reasons: cost and its extreme warmth. I *have* held a 100% qiviut scarf and it was incredibly soft, very warm and worth just a bit less than the national debt.

The United States requires that a company can label a fibre as being "Qiviut", "Sea Island Cotton", etc., if it contains but 5% of that fibre. That's it. Just 5%. But, I'm betting that in your case, while it may well be Qiviut, it isn't 100% down. If it's wooly then it pr'olly has some of the outer fur in it OR is blended with some other ox. Which reminds me of the time, many years ago, when I happened to find myself out on a date with . . . uh, . . . never mind.
~Mike in Tampa (who thinks you should take up spinning, buy a bit of Qiviut and spin it up with silk. Yum, yum!)
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Is it just rough, or also

Is it just rough, or also really itchy? One possibility is just to soak the finished piece in hair conditioner. I did this to my very first sweater made from cheap old dry wool. It didn't take all the itchiness away (this was some hardcore stuff), but it made the garment wearable.
Also good that you're doing a lace pattern, I hear that undercoat hair is extremely warm!