Knit Picks Circulars

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I have heard many people on here raving about the Knit Picks circular sets with the interchangeable tips. So I am thinking of springing for a set. So now my choice is between the set of metal tip ones or the pretty wooden tip set. I forget the names at the moment. I am leaning toward the wooden ones since I already have a fair number of Addis in various sizes and so the wooden ones would be different. What do others of you prefer? I know it is very subjective and I know eveyone will have a different opinion, but I would be interested in hearing them. Thank you all. You guys are so helpful I feel grateful for all of you.


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I have the wooden Harmony

I have the wooden Harmony set and absolutely love them. I don't find the colors on the needles to be distracting at all, even when using a dark yarn. I highly recommend them!!

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well...I find them hard to

well...I find them hard to use with dark yarn...because my eyes are exactly TWICE as old as yours...(grin)

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I have both sets...actually,

I have both sets...actually, even extras in some sizes,,,
but I tend to use the metal more often...because I'm usually using multiple strands of darker yarns, and they're hard to see against the darker wood needles.
...and if I need a less slippery needle, I use bamboo.
But for light colour yarns, I love the wood Harmony ones.

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I really love my KP Options

I really love my KP Options Harmony Wood set. Here's a link to my rave/review on my blog. I would highly recommend them as far as quality and as far as price, they can't be beat.

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I just looked at the set on

I just looked at the set on line and its really tempting but I wonder why they don't have 16" cables. And do you think the multicolored wood tips would be distracting? Also its a pretty decent price for what you get.

I wish I were knitting now.

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I don't find the colors

I don't find the colors distracting at all. The wood has an advantage over the metal if you have a bright light over head as the metal reflects the light into your eyes.


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Some say they find the

Some say they find the colors distracting, personally I don't share that view. Even if the color seems distracting at the moment, the needle could be turned so that a yellow patch, for example, goes away. And they're not nearly as bright as they seem on the Knitpicks site.
As far as the 16" cable dilemma, it seems there is no solution, here's KnitPicks answer:
"Many of you have asked about the potential for a 16″ cable to go with the Options needle tips. We don’t offer 16″ cables for the interchangeable tips because the tips are too long to create a circle with such a short cable. We have expanded the sizes we offer in fixed 16″ circular needles. They have shorter tips to accommodate the shorter cable. You can find them on our Classic Circular Knitting Needles page. We thank you for your requests and your understanding!" - KnitPicks FAQ

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I have some of each but,

I have some of each but, not the whole sets, and do not find a great difference between the wood and metal. They are both extremely smooth and slippery . I am not a tight knitter, but if you are you may be able to detect a difference. The cables are very flexible with absolutely no step at the join. My fingers were a little sore at first because I have a habit of pushing the needle tips with my fingers. They are very pointed which I really like. I prefer them over any other needle I have ever tried.


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When I got mine, it was the

When I got mine, it was the first I had knitted with circular needles (always knitted with straights). It took me awhile before I stopped sending the left needle tip flying at the end of each row.