Beaded Scarf

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Late last fall, I took a class in beaded knitting through the knitting guild. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but not having the beads, and not knowing what pattern to use... I just thought it was easier to take a class, and find out what to do there rather than learning by making the mistakes myself! She provided all the yarns, beads, the needle and the pattern.

It was really fun! We had the day.. with a lunch break -- and I got most of it done there. She had coloured yarns, with white beads, but I choose this neutral yarn and the white beads looked so dull! These iridescent looked best.

We had to thread 175 beads first on the yarn, and then knit. When you needed a bead, you just pushed it up into place, and knit away. It wasn't that difficult to do. She showed us three different ways to place the beads (the three bands) and the reasons for them.

We then knit the rib for the neck. You don't want cold beads against your neck. We then had to break the yarn, and thread on 50 more beads, but I don't like breaking my yarn. I estimated how much more yarn I needed, THEN broke the yarn and threaded the beads from that end. It worked quite well, and I had some yarn left over. At the other end, we only had to put beads along the edge of the scarf. This part lays under the top and didn't need any beads. There is a buttonhole at one end, and a button at the other. Since I didn't have the right button, I had to eventually make my own, using some beads to make it look like it belonged. That's what took the longest to do!!

I steamed it lightly to block it, and it's all done. This was fun to do, and I'll do another. I enjoyed this method, and want to try the other one where you place the bead on the stitch, rather than between stitches. Slight difference, but just makes a subtle change.

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Interesting, it has a kind

Interesting, it has a kind of ecclesiastical look to it.

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Hmm. The Ecclesiastical

Hmm. The Ecclesiastical History of Knitting by St. Bead perhaps? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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**groan** :)

**groan** :)

What a lovely, lovely thing.

What a lovely, lovely thing. It looks really like a special thing.
Good job.

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That is just beautiful.

That is just beautiful. Fantastic job!


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Beautiful! It strikes me as

Beautiful! It strikes me as a modern take on something Elizabethan.