men knitters vs women knitters

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Rachel is the knitting ninja at my LYS and we always have interesting conversations. I went in last Friday night to get some yarn for my parctice scarf and I was telling her about MWN and what a cool and helpful group you all were and then the conversation veered to the differece between the men and women knitting students that she has had. She claims that men approach knitting fearlessly while women are far more trepidatious and that men advance into more complex kntting much more quickly. She thinks that its a nurture thing - that boys are raised playing adventure games that include a lot of spacial relations where as girls play more nurturing type games. Boys are constantly told "You can do it." while girls get "This is too hard for you."

I don't know, its kind of a big generalization and my experience is only with a couple of middle aged women that I ocasionally knit with and they do resist learning anything new about technique but they do a lot of expoloration in color and texture. I would be interested to see if any of you have had the experience as Rachel.


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I tend to throw myself at

I tend to throw myself at stuff way before my technical skills would normally call for it... but I have 3 thoughts that always cross my mind:

1) you don't know until you try
2) if worse comes to worse... frog pond
3) I'm a *guy* who *knits*... how much worse would my rep be if I was a guy who knits *badly*? really, who'd bother to notice?

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"3) I'm a *guy* who

"3) I'm a *guy* who *knits*... how much worse would my rep be if I was a guy who knits *badly*? really, who'd bother to notice?"
hahahahaha you know I never thought of it until you said it, but honestly, up until I ran across this site, if I had come across a man knitting and doing it badly, I probably would have thought nothing of it, but if I had come across a woman knitting badly I would have either tried to help her or at the very least had a sympathetic thought for her.

Does this make me some kind of bigot? :/ Won't be the first time, I once had a guy flame me on a bulletin board when I said I seperate my whites from my coloreds. (He didn't read the previous post that would have explained we were talking about laundry)

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AHA! I now have an excuse

AHA! I now have an excuse to *not* seperate my laundry loads! It's politically incorrect!

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Being a woman, I can tell

Being a woman, I can tell you it's absolutely true. I'm learning to be more fearless thanks to this bunch. But before I found you guys, I would have never attempted socks again until I took another class from a better instructor. I'm self confident in everything BUT my knitting. my first quilt I ever made had curves! I don't know why I am so timid when it comes to knitting. Might go back to my childhood and my feeble attempts at trying to teach myself and failing miserably. The only thing that didn't intimidate me was cables. I was more intimidated with purling than trying cables.
I see you guys all throwing yourselves at fair isle, cables, lace, socks..etc. and it just fascinates me. There are women who are more adventurous with thier knitting, but not nearly as many as there are men.
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I find that in general...Men

I find that in general...Men are more adventurous knitters (speaking as someone who was working in a yarn store when Kaffe Fassett's books first hit the knitting world...He revolutionized color knitting by breaking all the rules...Now his early garments were technical disasters: Big heavy coats without shoulder seams for structure? EEEEEKKKKKK! BUT no one can doubt what he did for colorwork).

Women seem to be much more into technique and the technical applications: Exquisitely knit, intricate and compliated patterns. (FuzzyJay, being an exception...He does both...adventurous knitting that's as complicated as doing trigonometry homework in your head WHILE running a marathon, but then, he is a FREAK. (luv ya' Jay!)

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I have to say that in

I have to say that in general, the more adventurous knitters that I've met have been men. However, it is important to notice the "in general," since as Mario says, there are adventurous and timid knitters of both genders.

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I suspect you find the full

I suspect you find the full spectrum in both genders.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!