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So, I have some fabulous pictures of the Sweater Jacket prototype, but they're too big to post here. How do I resize them so I can post?


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roflmao, was showing this

roflmao, was showing this site to a friend, and happen to look at this post. I kid you not, I CAN NOT make this stuff up, she said "Just use a smaller camera"
Yes, she's blonde.

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In any XP or Vista explorer

In any XP or Vista explorer window: right-click on the file and choose SEND TO, then MAIL RECIPIENT. You'll get a box asking you to choose a size - Med or Small should be fine for web posting. Click OK and a new email will start. Drag the newly resized attachment to your desktop or someplace you'll remember it. When you post to the web, make sure you upload that copy, not the original.

All those external viewers recommended by others are fine, but require download. This will work quickly and easily for you. I'd be cautious of the FIX then RESIZE feature native to Vista, it will shrink your original. However in the Vista picture viewer, there's a SHARE then EMAIL command that will bring up the same email dialog box referenced above.

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Irfanview is another free,

Irfanview is another free, easy to use image converter/resizer.

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If you are running Windows

If you are running Windows XP, download the Image Resizer power toy. You can then just right click on the file name and select resize pictures.



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If you have Adobe Photoshop,

If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can easily resize pictures to any dimension. Or, if you are using Windows, you can open the image in Paint, go to the "Image" tab and select "Attributes", enter the size you want (or just decrease by random increments until it seems to be a more manageable size), and hit save (select .jpg as file type as it will take less space than a .bmp). That's it. Also, you can go right to the image sizing area of Paint by just hitting ctrl-e while Paint is running. I hope this made some sense.

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Don't tell me size doesn't

Don't tell me size doesn't matter. Size matters.