Bed socks

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I made these socks for my hubby to wear to bed (gave them to him for Yule). I got the yarn at a thrift store and, get this, the wrapper had a price of $0.44 on each of the skeins! Ugly though they are, they do keep his feet warm. This is my first pair of socks and the most surprising thing to me was that they relaxed so much after washing. I should have made them two inches smaller!


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I still have the first pair

I still have the first pair of socks I knitted... I still think that they are ugly, mis-matched, mis-shapen, crude, but... they do make very good foot-warmers in these Michigan winter nights. So they don't match... big squeaking deal. They serve two purposes... to keep feet warm, and show your love for your partner with a hand-made gift.

Not ugly, they just remind

Not ugly, they just remind of my childhood & the colours at my grandparents house. 


Knit away, knit away

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Actually, I don't think

Actually, I don't think they're ugly at all.  I like the pattern that evolved and the fact that they are both different.  What are they made of?

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It's a plain old Red Heart

It's a plain old Red Heart acrylic yarn named "Clansman."  I suppose it's supposed to evoke a Scot's tartan, argyle, or something. I was quite surprised by how different the two turned out, but with a variegated yarn, you never know what something will look like until it's all over.