Improvised dog toy.

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I finished the dog toy! It was an entirely improvised design. I was inspired by the knitted fringe from that mermaid scarf and my dog's insatiable love for chewing on strings in sweatpants or shorts, as well as the dangly bits of her favorite toy.

In any case, I used the (almost too big) squeaker from this one toy I got her AGES ago that she's never liked and put it into the octopus's head. I made the tentacles vary in length and thickness, and even made the two "front" ones curl so as to convey an octopus ready to strike. I knitted them the same way the fringe from that scarf was knitted: from one side to the next. Then I seamed it into a cylinder. I picked up and knitted stitches around the top of that and used DPNs to create a dome above it, working decreases after a handful of rows. I weaved in ends, tied them off inside to prevent them from popping through and getting chewed on, stuck the squeaker inside and cinched it shut. I took a strand of the yarn and knotted it on the end, then I used a tapestry needle to weave the strand in and out of the base right where the tentacles started. I cinched it shut, wrapped the strand around a bit to give it a more finished line, tied it off, and voila! I used mercerized cotton for this, which is really the sturdiest yarn I could think of. It should last a while, and I've got plenty of yarn left over for repairs or, God forbid, a completely new one. I tested it out immediately after completion, and she LOVES it. I started crying! LOL I'm such a goof. I was just excited to see someone genuinely go ape-shit over something I knitted.

Okay, so she's a dog and she goes ape-shit over most things...but still!

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I've crocheted toys for my

I've crocheted toys for my terriers but they last all of ten minutes before evisceration. But they do go crazy for them, especially if I use a squeeker.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Look at you being all

Look at you being all creative and stuff! Great job!

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That's adorable and so is

That's adorable and so is your dog!


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Looks great - I agree with

Looks great - I agree with albert - send it in to knitty!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Super cool! You should

Super cool! You should submit this to Knitty.

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Booo to your family! It

Booo to your family! It just goes to show that sometimes people have no clue how much work this stuff is. This guy that has bought projects from me in the past (he ordered them, basically) asked me to knit yet another scarf, and I declined, stating I just didn't have time. He said, "I'll pay you whatever you want. Can you have it done by the end of the week?" I just laughed. If I was Molly McKnitslikelightning, maybe, but I am still Joe Slowmo. Tell them to go YSP themselves.

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"Tell them to go YSP

"Tell them to go YSP themselves."
roflmao. If anyone asks why there's orange juice all over the monitor and desk, I'm going to tell them it's your fault!
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Being in debt management, I

Being in debt management, I see that as Yield Spread Premium. What does it mean when you say it?

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I'm in debt management too!

I'm in debt management too! Yay broke-ass us! Although, I've never heard of Yield Spread Premium...

As Budur pointed out, it means Yugidean's Squirrel Project. :-) But it has taken on every part of speech and is generally considered a curse word now. At least by me and BuduR. LOL

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It means they can go f**k

It means they can go f**k themselves. *grin* YogiDean Squirrel Project to the rescue!
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I like Yield Spread Premium-

I like Yield Spread Premium- tastes more like butter than butter.

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roflmao! MWK's Token

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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That's cool, and it's

That's cool, and it's always nice to have someone go nuts about something you put alot of work into. After watching all my frustration with the sock, my family looked at it and said, "Oh yeah that's great, it's almost 6, why haven't you started dinner?"

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