My First Project is Evolving.

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My first project is evolving. After learning the purl stitch, my garter stitch scarf has begun to evolve. The garter stitch transitions to a band of seed stitch, then moss stitch. Towards the end it will transition back to another band of seed stitch and then a section of garter stitch on the end. I figure it will give me a chance to keep practicing my purling.

Also, I picked up a set of 24" Addi Turbo needles and starting using them today. Sweet. Because they're so slick, I keep feeling like my stitches are too loose. My wife says that the stitches are just fine, though. Has anybody else had this experience when first using these needles?

As soon as a get a camera that works with my old clunker of a computer, I'll post some pictures of my knitting adventures.


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I use Options which are also

I use Options which are also quite slick, and love them. They do take a little time to get used to using but make my knitting faster and easier.

I look forward to seeing your first project.


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Yeah when I first started

Yeah when I first started using my addi turbo's I felt the same way, but now I'm used to it and my bamboo just feel to grabby :p
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It's true for me that when I

It's true for me that when I use really slick needles I feel like I have less control. I prefer bamboo and really love the addi bamboo circulars.