Circular Needle Organizer

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Hope you enjoy this my latest video!

Just because I like to have fun with How To and You Tube


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My sister's mother-in-law

My sister's mother-in-law was an avid craftswoman, including knitting. When she passed away, her knitting needles went to my sister's family, and she passed them on to me.

The circular needles were stored in much the way you've done. Instead of a binder, she made a quilted case and machine sewed ziplock bags to it. It is very nice. (If only the needles themselves were nice....)

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For the circ's I use most

For the circ's I use most frequently, I use this from patternworks:

It works great. When looking for the link on their website, I see they've added more needle holders.

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oh Kiwi, you art the devil

oh Kiwi, you art the devil in disguise. Ordered one in black *hangs her head in shame*

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This is almost identical to

This is almost identical to how I store my Addi Turbos. I put each size and length into it's own small zip bag and then put all the same sizes into a larger bag. It works beautifully. Great minds think alike!

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a picture would be helpful

a picture would be helpful for those of us that can't view videos...

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Good idea. The lack of hard

Good idea. The lack of hard sides is the very thing I dislike about the case that comes with Knitpicks needles. I was looking at a similar option by using a "worm binder" from a sportsman's shop. Like this one,
The ring binder you mentioned is tempting though because It could also store patterns etc whereas the worm binder is too small.