Recycle Yarn

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I would like to know... could i go the a thrift store and get several sweater and recycle the yarn....


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I raised the question a

I raised the question a while ago. If you'd like to follow that conversation, it's at:

I never actually gave it a try; hope to though. I just didn't find any appropriate sweaters at Goodwill. Maybe next time.

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Beware commercial

Beware commercial sweaters
If you pick up commercial sweaters, often the knitted fabric is cut and seamed using a serger or sewing machine, and so you can't unravel the yarn in one long strand like you might be able to with a handknit sweater. So try to look for handknit sweaters that can be unraveled in such a way that the yarn would be useful for knitting.

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Sure, I've heard of many

Sure, I've heard of many people doing this with success. Haven't tried it myself but here's a link to an informative tutorial on the subject