Finally...and a request for help

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I finally got my invite to's a pretty cool site. How many of you are on there? Also...I have been trying cables and have been having a bit of a problem and am not sure what to do. As I go along the row it seems that my stitches become tighter and tighter so I am thinking that I must be doing something wrong, i just don't know what. By the time I got to my second row of cable and the 2nd set of cable stitches it was so tight that I could not even get my needle in...HELP! I have watched the video on knitting and some of the other sites...At least in my mind I am following the directions but maybe not.


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Ravelry is great fun, so

Ravelry is great fun, so much to it.

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when I first attempted

when I first attempted cables I had this problem, I went to my local home depot and got dowels to pretty much match the size needles I'm working with and tapered the ends. This seems to have fixed the problem of the stitches tightening up on me.
And I'm BuduR on Ravelry too :) See you there!

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You know, I do seem to

You know, I do seem to remember having that problem when I first started doing cables, but now I don't. And I do LOTS of cable projects. But I have absolutely no idea of what I've done to correct the problem. I wonder if it's one of those things you just instinctively start adjusting as you do it more?

One thing that comes to mind: Are you using one of those little odd-shaped cable needles? I seem to remember them being very thin and the loops tightening up around them. I almost always just use a bamboo dpn of the same size or one size up or down for a cable needle. Works like a charm and the loops can't tighten.

Other than that, my only suggestion would be to put down the scarf down, grab another set of needles and some junk yarn, and just start doing cable swatches until they feel comfortable. Then if THEY piss you off, you can set fire to 'em and not worry about losing anything expensive. And I mean the fire thing literally, it's very therapeutic!!!

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I purposely knit my cable

I purposely knit my cable crosses loose because the stitches do tighten up when you cross them over.

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This might be a good time to

This might be a good time to bring this it better then to knit loosely? I seem to be going fairly well, not too tight, the stitches slide nicely but not too easily on the needle....but I have noticed that the last knit in a set before I go to a purl set seems to be looser than the other knits (eg k4,p4 the 4th k is looser or bigger than the previous 3)

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that's VERY common...I try

that's VERY common...I try to tighten that last stitch...

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I can't say that I've had

I can't say that I've had that happen to me. Maybe someone else will have some helpful advice on this.

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i know JUST what he's

i know JUST what he's talking about and sometimes have the same issue
may i recommend slipping the first stitch of each row? gives a NICE finished edge and takes care of the loose edges

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Thanks...I will give that a

Thanks...I will give that a shot...I was playing around with it and finally just got frustrated and gave the new cable scarf a very bad name and went back to my reserve project to calm down :)

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You're quite welcome.

You're quite welcome. Having been forewarned by Bill, I wrote my own pattern using larger needles (#15, I think). It would only tighten up a little when I was on the cable row. In my opinion, it really helped me to watch my tension. I notice that I don't knit nearly as tight as Bill and he taught me to knit.

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You might want to try a

You might want to try a larger needle size. Some of the patterns seem to have the problem you are talking about. I know that Bill (WJBDineen) had that problem with his first attempt with cables.