Hiking Socks - The Knitting Man(ual)

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Here I am modeling the hiking socks from Kristen Spurkland's The Knitting Man(ual).

They work more like "keep my feet warm around the house during the Winter socks"...but then again, I do very little hiking.


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Joe, you need to model more

Joe, you need to model more socks.

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I know...right? With all

I know...right? With all the hiking I do, the socks look perfect! lol

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Nice socks. I've just

Nice socks. I've just started some socks from the instructions in the Yarn Harlot's book "Knitting Rules." So far I like her approach. Start with some ribbing. Keep knitting 'til you get tired of it, then switch to stockinette.

I'm doing mine in Fisherman's Wool from Lion Brand, with five bamboo US3 dpns I got from "Fiber Chicks" in Albuquerque.

I do have some "Brown Sheep" yarn I got from a charity box that was given to our school. Maybe I'll try that next.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I did use Lamb's Pride

I did use Lamb's Pride Worsted as the pattern calls for.

The yarn is very soft and cushy, so I've had no difficulty with the size of the stitch feeling too coarse. In fact, if anything, they're a little too soft, and if my feet get too warm and sweat at all, the yarn "pills" on the inside, creating little wads of fiber.

They do stand up, but I have to admit, if I make more pairs, I will go down one or two needle sizes on ribbing to give them even more elasticity. If I actually used them for hiking, I can't imagine they would stay up.

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Now for the important

Now for the important question - do they stay up?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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I agree.... Nice job (on

I agree.... Nice job (on both the socks and the legs) :-) Ironic, I'm working on the same pattern right now! I'm doing them in plain black though (leftover yarn from a couple of Koolhaas hats). My concern is that the "grain" will be too large and might end up causing sore feet... what do you think?

Grace and Peace,

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my 2 year old daughter

my 2 year old daughter frogged mine. oh well. I wasn't really happy with them anyhow - did like the pattern though and will give it a try again.

At least it gave me the energy to go back to that labyrinth I've been ignoring for a few weeks!

Grace and Peace,

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Nice socks Joe! (nice legs

Nice socks Joe! (nice legs too!) Did you use Lamb's Pride as per the pattern?

My next project(s) will be the "helmet" from the same book. I have a few friends who are avid bikers (as in bicycle) and have expressed an interest in the helmet to keep warm when riding in colder weather.