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16% (10 votes)
76% (48 votes)
Yes for the present, but no for the PERIOD
8% (5 votes)
Total votes: 63


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I am in the process of

I am in the process of making Henry VIII myself. I think the design is spectacular, and although I have never followed a pattern to the letter before, I am attempting to stay true to Starmore's original design. I confess, however, that it is killing me a bit since I'd rather change several of the colors. Oh well, maybe on the next one!
I just finished Starmore's Irish Beach from Pacific Coast Highway and my version of St. Brigid from Aran Knitting. I used Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed for both and they are beautiful. I'll have to start posting pictures. (I just joined)

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welcome to MWK! Pictures

welcome to MWK! Pictures would be nice; *grin*

; MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

I've just about finished it.

I've just about finished it. It's the project I have got the most positive comments about of anything I've knitted. Will I wear it? Well when I've dropped 10kg I will, it fits at the moment but it's a bit "snug".

I hope you will post pics

I hope you will post pics when you have finished it.

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As do I, with details about

As do I, with details about the experience as well. I'm fascinated by Starmore's patterns.


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I have a huge cherry tree in

I have a huge cherry tree in our backyard that I am taking down. I would love to donate some cherrywood to those that would like it. Also I am looking for someone who is willing also to make me DPNs size 1-4 (6 inches); and regular needles 1-17 (14 inches). I would like 8 sets of each if possible. As I said I have huge amounts of cherrywood around. I live in Seattle, Washington.

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It's abit fussy with some

It's abit fussy with some but other patterns are quite attractive. Doubt I would knit any of it.

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i imagined it in a glittery

i imagined it in a glittery mutlicolour with some maribou embellishments and some rhinestones. i know some who'd kill for it!!!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I definitely would not wear it. The colors from the picture look like the cover of a victorian sofa!

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Sorry guys, I meant HENRY

Sorry guys, I meant HENRY VIII

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I really wasn't sure but

I really wasn't sure but they're both beautiful patterns anyway (even though I can't get over that "macaroni art" neckline on the Henry VII). What are your thoughts on the Henry VIII? Are you going to tackle it? I read the suggestion on your blog about getting the book through Inter-library Loan and buying the yarn elsewhere which seems like the best idea (also, you can tame the red bands if so inclined). I find it strange that people are clamoring to get their hands on Alice Starmore's out of print titles (which in reality were not published that long ago), yet there seems to be no effort in making them available once again. Perhaps keeping certain books unavailable is her creative way of pushing her expensive kits. If that's the case, she should just re-publish the books and sell them exclusively for some ludicrous price on her web-site. Even if one book is $75 for example, at least you won't have to pay $200 on Ebay for a used copy (which she makes no money off of anyway) and have the possibility of getting screwed-over. It just burns me up when good, useful books are out of print and the best-seller's list is filled with bird-cage liners.

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I totally agree with

I totally agree with you...... that's why, on some places, like knitting beyond the hebredies, they call her Ass-tarmore

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Or Alice $tarmore perhaps?

Or Alice $tarmore perhaps?

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Did you really mean the

Did you really mean the Henry VII sweater in the title of this survey or is this a typo and actually referring to the Henry VIII sweater from your previous post? Either way, as far as the Henry VIII goes, I don't really think the red bands are so terrible, and I don't think it's at all fugly or outmoded (that goes for both the Henry VII and the Henry VIII). I genuinely think most (if not everything) Alice Starmore designs is so rooted in the past with elements of tapestry and architecture that they are completely timeless (quite a feat when speaking of clothing design). On the other hand, while the Henry VII is also lovely, the neckline is a little fussy and uncomfortable looking. If I were as skilled a knitter as yourself (I'm trying), I'd probably try to come up with a solution for the that neckline, it reminds me of macaroni art, though the rest of it is exquisite.

I concur about the red bands

I concur about the red bands but otherwise, I think it is a nice one.

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I agree with MMario...the

I agree with MMario...the red makes her waist look too thick and is very unflattering on her bust. From a fashion standpoint, if the right colors were picked out, it would probably look better as a full tapestry piece with just the vertical pattern pieces leaving the horizontal color banding out.

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I don't think the red bands

I don't think the red bands at bust and waist are attractive - but mute those down and I'm fine with it.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!