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I'm a new member here. I was in the midst of setting up my profile when I asked my manfriend if he had any good pictures of me I could use for the purpose. He said nonesuch ~exist~! Ouch. I feel like knitting a bag for my FACE. I know he was kidding - but I'm still tempted to concoct (that can't really be how you spell it . . . ) an arty picture of a ball of yarn.


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you look like a mexican

you look like a mexican wrestler.

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hahahahahahaha!!!! Maybe

Maybe I'm tired, but this struck me as hilarious and now my tummy hurts from laughing.

Thanks I needed that.

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Welcome and if your face

Welcome and if your face looks half as good as the rest you. You probably should wear that face bag so the rest of us don't die from dehydration from drooling over your picture. lol

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i concur!

i concur!

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Welcome eater-of-mankind,

Welcome eater-of-mankind, the built in vampiric knitting needles in your photo are apropos.

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Welcome! Why don't you knit

Welcome! Why don't you knit HIM a facebag? Asplund

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Gorgeous pic :) I always

Gorgeous pic :) I always had a thing for guys with rods sticking out of their mouths MUWAHAHAHA!!

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Bwahahahahaha! MWK's Token

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Welcome to the group and

Welcome to the group and give your mf a slap up side the head!


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Welcome! I wouldn't worry


I wouldn't worry about the photo. There are several of us that don't put photos of ourselves up. At least self-consciousness is a valid reason, unlike mine which is "the magic demon box will steal my soul."

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Bwahahahaha, little does

Bwahahahaha, little does Celowin know that his soul has already been stolen by the magic demon sticks! Let's watch to see what happens next!
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Welcome anyway!

Welcome anyway!

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better yet, ixnay on the

better yet, ixnay on the agbay, and just knit yourself one of those mexican wrestling masks and make yourself as prettiful as you want ;)

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Your suggestion reminded me

Your suggestion reminded me of my Halloweenie costume 2005. I was able to salvage the mask from that trainwreck, and Jon was obliging enough to help me correct my little PR deficiency.

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DJ Tell your Man friend that

Tell your Man friend that the next time he tells you this that it is a serious point for gettting a lot of money from him when you will have a divorce.
Imagine how many gorgeous yarn you can buy from that amount! ;-)

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I would suggest you remind

I would suggest you remind your manfriend that YOU are the one in possession of the long, sharp, pointy needles...and they can do more than make pretty fabric!!!

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Welcome! If you knit that

Welcome! If you knit that face bag please document it well and take lots of pics!
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