Stitch Markers

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Due to business and absent-mindedness (but mainly absent-mindedness), this post is finally going up much later than I'd intended. Nevertheless!!! Check out the stitchmarkers I won from Kiwiknitter's tradition gift giveaway thingy! yay!!!!!!!!! They're ten times better (and a thousand times less gaudy) than the fluorescent plastic ones I have been using.

Thanx, Kiwi. This has inspired me to do one of these as well, but it will be done at a later date once I have completed the project (don't hold your breath, men, it will be a while).

Additionally, please note the two "easter eggs" in this photo. The first is I am wearing the Yarrrrn! shirt my bf bought me for Christmas. You all might remember me posting a link to this shirt some months back? The second is Frankensquirrel in the background. He's in our christmas palm tree. I'm pretty sure he's stalking me in my own home. I gave birth to evil.


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You're the lucky winner!

You're the lucky winner! very nice.
I shall covet your stitchmarker's I dont' care if it's a sin.
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In the "thou shalt not

In the "thou shalt not covet"s they don't specify stitch markers.

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well damnit, how will I

well damnit, how will I ever become that shady lady I always aspired to be?

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Nice shirt! I got one for

Nice shirt! I got one for Christmas as well! I wear it proudly!