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I finally finished a scarf I'd be stitching on for a month or so. Next I decided it was time to learn how to do something other than just K and P, so I learned how to S, SSK, PSSO, and a few other basics. I'm new to knitting still, but want a challenge. Not "mission impossible" but something that's not just back and forth. I think I'd like to try a hat. Or maybe something with two colors. I don't know! Any thoughts or ideas? In the meantime I may try the knit along....



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I would suggest cables as a

I would suggest cables as a next project. It's still just knit and purl stitches, just slipped and thrown forward or backward on an extra needle! Try a basic stockinette or garter stitch scarf with a cable running down the middle of it. Also, dishclothes are great ways to try out new stitches and techniques. They don't take long to finish and they are VERY useful!

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The hat, or tubular scarves

The hat, or tubular scarves that have been suggested would get you into knitting in the round, as a next step


You could try triangles as the next step - increases and decreases - like MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl, this is still back and forth, but each row lengthens.

Either way would be an easy 'next step'. A third option would be to try something like the Irish Hiking or the Palindrome scarf - which would introduce you to cabling.

I see you are in the Atlanta Area - come and join us at The Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock for knit night tuesdays 7pm-9pm, or at Knitch in Virginia Highlands Sunday Afternoons about 3-6.

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I think he should take a

I think he should take a sink or swim approach....how about some really intricate heirloom lace knit in the round on incredibly teensy needles with gnat-eyelash thin yarn?

*grin* all kidding aside - knitting in the round would be a logical next step and a hat or tubular scarf a great project.

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Gnats have eyelashes?

Gnats have eyelashes?

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Don't gnats write in

Don't gnats write in Romanji?

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I think the press is tightly

I think the press is tightly controlled in Romanji- the gnats have to be careful about what they write.

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I'm still a relatively new

I'm still a relatively new knitter (about a year and a half now), but I agree with Albert that the next logical step would be to try knitting in the round. It's a lot of fun, once you get used to it (pull the 2nd stitch on each new needle extra tight). A hat would be a great project, as would a tubular scarf (my first project in the round). The decreases of a hat might get difficult as you get down to just a few stitches on each stick.

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I think the logical

I think the logical progression would be to try knitting in the round, and yes, a hat would be a good first round project. This will give you a challenge in terms of learning ribbing and decreases. Maybe do a one color hat and when you have done that try some color work. One thing tends to lead to another, and before you know it.............