first time blogger on this site.

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Ok, here it is, my first scarf and my first blog posting on here. I just started to pick up knitting about three weeks ago and practiced on some yarn I had laying around. After I did that for a couple of weeks getting comfortable with casting on and the knits and purls, I decided to try to make something. I chose this for the simplicity...please don't balk at the fact that it is the cheapest Red heart Acrylic that I could find at Duckwall's :) Any tips or anything that you guys have for a newbie are appreciated...likewise if you see something that I am doing wrong, please let me know. I love this site, you guys are a great inspiration!

By the way, there are more pics on my regular blog.

Ok, can't seem to get the pic on here, so it is on my regular blog...anyone want to share how to upload the pic properly :) ?[img_assist|nid=4134|title=first scarf|desc=here it is|link=none|align=center|width=200|height=150]


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The scarf looks great. I'm

The scarf looks great. I'm a yarn snob. But I'm only a yarn snob when it comes to making something for myself or someone I KNOW will appreciate the work that went into the item. It might sound bitchy (not a first for me) but if you're not going to appreciate the time and skill it took for me to make this for you, you're getting the cheapest yarn I can find. If you can appreciate it I'm not one to cringe at spending $15-25 for a skien of yarn.

and acrylic is a good one to learn on, if you massively mess up you dont' balk at just cutting it and throwing it away.
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Welcome to MWK! Don't worry

Welcome to MWK! Don't worry about what type of yarn you are using! I love Lion Brand... the wools, the chenilles, AND the acrylics. Even the last project I finished was in Red Heart Super Saver. It was a UK scarf for a female co-worker that is a huge fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! She wore it with pride to the Music City Bowl on New Year's Eve! Plus, why spend an exorbitant amount of money on expensive yarns for a scarf that will experience tailgating and possible showers in beer!

Again, WELCOME! Holler at us anytime!


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Nice scarf! And I too love

Nice scarf! And I too love Red Heart yarn. I know some people who are not very wool friendly, so when I knit for them, I usually go with Lion Brand or Red Heart. I like the color choice you made. Hope to see more from you.

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Thanks for all the comments,

Thanks for all the comments, guys, I feel better about the yarn :)

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My first scarf was Red Heart

My first scarf was Red Heart yarn. I'm working on the Tychus hat, now (my first Tychus hat), and knitting it with Red Heart. Michael's is running a 30% off sale on yarn and knitting supplies so I picked up a giant bag of yarn. Pretty much all of it is Lion brand so there's a bunch of acrylic in there. There are so many new things that I want to try and don't want to use the "good" stuff on learning.

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Good! Due to the fact I'm at

Due to the fact I'm at w*rk and behind the most obnoxious content filter known to exist I haven't had a chance to see the pictures - but one very common "newbie" poroblem is the "Grip of Doom", which results in hand strain and (usually) very very tight knitting. Don't be afraid to loosen the grip. Scarves, hats and dishclothes are great projects to practice comfort in knitting.
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Welcome to the group. Well

Welcome to the group. Well done. I like that color. Please don't apologize for your yarn. I'm no yarn snob. Sometimes the wallet makes the choice; sometimes the color. Sometimes I consider the person that will me using what I make. Some people will get acrylic from me because I know they won't take the time to handwash things. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm a practical person. The most important thing is the act of creating.

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Well said! MMario -

Well said!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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REDHEART??? I'M VERKLEMPT!!!! Seriously though, it's good sense to keep some less expensive yarn on hand for "template" purposes, that is, to try out ideas before you go out and drop a load on finer yarns. Welcome and knit on!

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Welcome to the group. You're

Welcome to the group. You're doing a great job on the scarf and the yarn is fine.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Welcome to our SIte, some of use use different yarns, no need to apologize . Great Scarf by the way!

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Welcome to MWK. Your scarf

Welcome to MWK.
Your scarf looks terrific! Of all the colours available in the Red Heart line, the Aran Fleck is amoung my favourites. I agree with Gardenguy's comments. No need to apologize for using a synthetic yarn. I, too, use a variety of yarns ranging from acrylic, to blends, to natural fibres, appreciating the characteristics of each.

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Welcome and good luck! The

Welcome and good luck! The scarf is looking good. And never apologize for your yarn choice -- the snobs will get over it (I've dealt with that before myself). I love using good, expensive wool for some things but have no qualms using a good, inexpensive blended or manmade yarn when it's available and appropriate. Sometimes you just don't want to make a high-use garment out of hand wash-only expensive wool. Glad you're here....

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Guess I should have put the

Guess I should have put the blog link...