Norwegian Banded Hat - Inside out.

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At Yugi Dean's request, I'm posting a picture of the hat inside out.


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Thanks guys!

Thanks guys!

Okay..... You're a total


You're a total ROCK STAR!!! That is truly amazing work. You set the mark high.


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Wow, that's amazing. The

Wow, that's amazing. The inside of my first attempt isn't even close to looking that neat. Impressive.


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That is very inspirational.

That is very inspirational. I have yet to try fair isle knitting just yet. ( I don't even like doing stripes!) I think I need to do some practice swatches to see if I can figure it out before I attempt anything seen in public.

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Thanks everyone for the nice

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

For fair isle knitting, I use the two handed method. My left hand carries the pattern yarn and is knit in the continental fashion and my right hand uses the background yarn using the throw fashion. My pattern stitches come out a little looser so it shows better.

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I do the same thing...two

I do the same thing...two handed knitting. Do you also knit left handed as well? The first time I did that at a fair-isle class (I was the only man and the youngest by about 15-20 years) all the women got very quiet and suddenly "noticed" me. I was the only one to do this... The added benefit is of course that you always get to look at the "right side of the fabric". (Of course, doing fair-isle in the round on a hat, it's not neccessary, but you get what I mean).

Your workmanship is impeccable. I'm very impressed.

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I do exactly the same as

I do exactly the same as you. I admire the tensioning of your floats; I don't think my floats are as nice and neat as yours. I am working on a stranded jumper right now and for the first time I am knitting it with floats instead of weaving every other stitch. I'm a bit nervy about what the gauge will be after washing and blocking, but so far, all seems OK. Do you have a limit as to the maximum number of stitches before catching the float strand?

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Haha! I didn't read the

Haha! I didn't read the description and my first thought was, Now THAT is a cool hat.

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Oooo, thank you! So

Oooo, thank you! So wonderful! I am looking forward to attempting this technique in the (near?) future!

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Wow!! Your work is truly an

Wow!! Your work is truly an inspiration.

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Very smooth stranding

Very smooth stranding indeed!

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WOW! so neat and tidy it's

WOW! so neat and tidy it's practically reversible!
{{bowing three times in your direction}}

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