First FO for 2008!

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So I just finished the first project for 2008. It's from an old countrywool pattern I bought years ago at one of those sheep & wool festivals called "Norwegian Banded Hat." I used Brown Sheep Naturspun Sport in Navy blue, natural and red. This isn't the kind of cap that would actually suit me, but when it comes to knitting, sometimes you just want to knit something that looks fun and interesting.


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that's super cool! i dont

that's super cool!

i dont have tha patience for stranded color work. or small needles.

I am very impressed with those who do.


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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

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Excellent example of the

Excellent example of the beauty of Fair Isle! X O plus peeries in just 3 colours and presto - gorgeous beanie! Well done!

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Beautiful hat, and so well

Beautiful hat, and so well done inside.

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Thank you! I'm posting the

Thank you!

I'm posting the link to where you can find this pattern on line and you can also order it as a kit. I hope that's OK. I'm not affiliated with Countrywool.

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Congrats! This hat is

Congrats! This hat is beautiful. I'd certainly wear it. I was already planning on doing something stranded after I finish the Tychus hat (current WIP, will post pics soon). I'll have to see if I can find the pattern or something similar.

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Thanks everyone for the nice

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

Purly Man, the reason why the ribbing came out at an angle was because this pattern called for a fold-over ribbing. So as I was picking up my stitches to be knit together with the live stitches (after folding), I wasn't too careful so it came out that way.

YugiDean, I will post a picture for you with the hat inside out.

What a beautiful hat, and I

What a beautiful hat, and I would certainly wear it. Your stitches are so even.

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Fantastic hat! People who

Fantastic hat! People who do multicolors amaze me, I just can't imagine being able to do this without ending up with a HUGE mess in the back

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I think the hat looks

I think the hat looks great!! The stitches in the band almost look like they're at an angle... is that the case? I really like it. I think you did a great job!

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Wonderful! I'm

Wonderful! I'm wondering...could you possibly post a picture of the hat inside out? I've never actually knitted anything remotely this intricate, and have always wondered how it looks on the reverse...

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I'll wear it!

I'll wear it!

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That's really amazing. The

That's really amazing. The colors are fantastic, too!

I gotta try some stranded knitting this year. It's my resolution.

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Colorwork (and spelling) is

Colorwork (and spelling) is currenlty currently my bete noir - I stand in awe!

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Thank you, Mario!

Thank you, Mario!

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Having seen the revers of

Having seen the revers of the hat - I have a question...

Do you take apprentices?

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Thanks, Mason.

Thanks, Mason.

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That's excellent! Beautiful

That's excellent! Beautiful work.


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