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Taking my FO for a spin.

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Excellent - and to think you

Excellent - and to think you even spun and dyed the knitting wools! Congratulations on a well-fitting corregated basque! That is not easy to achieve but it's obvious from the fit that you did it right!

Knit like the wind!

Fantastic sweater! It has

Fantastic sweater! It has been fun watching the progress.


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Great sweater Albert. Looks

Great sweater Albert. Looks good on you. Did you dye the yarn yourself as well as spin it, or is that the natural colour of 2 sheep?

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Alan, the black is dyed

Alan, the black is dyed white fleece. The grey is part dyed and part natural dark blended together. You'll enjoy dyeing and blending wool. Good ol' Rit dye is good (the individual dye colors are intermixable) as is Pro One Shot dye (same intermixability). You'll feel like a kid with a big new box of Crayolas.

Well done Albert. It's a

Well done Albert. It's a beautiful fit.

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Beautiful Albert, looking

Beautiful Albert, looking very dapper indeed :)

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