Merry Holidays lol!

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Happy Holidays and or Merry Christmas! I love Holidays no matter what we celebrate and love to receive and give gifts. My Christmas does not end until the 6th of January which is good because I am still making two of my gifts lol!

Have a good One!


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Feliz Navidad Andy :) I

Feliz Navidad Andy :) I hope your day was filled with love, peace and happiness. (what more can a person ask for?)

Mason, I too was going to take a break, but I cast on my celebratory shawl today, something I can take my time with and I'm branching out, trying something new after all the encouragement from you guys, Watch out lace, her I come!

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heh-heh-heh-heh! Another

heh-heh-heh-heh! Another one succumbs!
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LOL yes and after ripping

LOL yes and after ripping it out 6 times, I put the yarn back in it's drawer, calmly closed it, and started a scarf.

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Happy holidays to you. After

Happy holidays to you. After the mad rush to finish gifts I had planned on taking a couple of days off from knitting.

I started another project today LOL so much for taking time off.


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