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Some of the Straight needles I have made... pieces of craft store wooden dowels, cut to length, sharpened in a pencil sharpener, sanded smooth, with beads glued on. The smaller diameters on the right started out as bamboo skewers, sanded smooth, with beads glued on. All were rubbed with wax paper for a natural finish. As you can see, the needles on the left have craft store small spools for heads, all the others use beads from thrift store costume jewelry. I have been selling these, and giving them to people whom I have taught basic knitting.


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Beautiful and personal

Beautiful and personal needles!!!

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Wow!  All this and you

Wow!  All this and you knit, too!  The needles look beautifully crafted.   Now, that's what I call talent! 

Wow, amazing talent.

Wow, amazing talent.

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very beautiful and very

very beautiful and very original! good for you!