Christmas Came Early!

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Since my partners decided to stay home for Christmas this year due to illness (mine... but I am definately on the mend) and the possibility of poor weather on the road... we got treated to early presents so we could play with them all weekend... we each got an iPhone and we converted all our individual accounts to a family plan (it's so 21st Century, no?).

After seeing commercial after commercial about what various iPhone users do with their phones, I was looking forward to using it as a self contained blog tool. So, using only the iPhone, I just tried to post on MWK about my most recent FO and I cannot figure out how to get the picture from my iPhone camera onto MWK using the "Attached Images" format. Do any of you use an iPhone for posting blog entries and pics on MWK? I would appreciate any guidance!

In the meantime, I suppose I will unpack the scarf and take photos of it with my free-standing digital camera just in case.

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We got iPhones at our house,

We got iPhones at our house, too! Sorry, can't help you with the tech stuff, but I can say OMG these things are FUN!!!

Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Be careful inviting me over

Be careful inviting me over to your house for dinner, Bill. You may end up light a few iPhones...

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I know right where to bury

I know right where to bury the body!

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That's if you CATCH me

That's if you CATCH me first! I am quite subtle.

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Things like that scare me.

Things like that scare me. It is because I just know that it is thinking that I am not allowing it to live up to its potential. It sits there, like a gifted child that I force to attend the slower learners' class, seething with rage at how unfair life is that it ends up owned by a techno-cretin. Being owned by me is like putting lead weights on Barishnikov. Hey, a thought -- just maybe that is why I pursue a pre-industrial revolution hobby lilke knitting? :-) Anyway good luck with it, I am in awe that you even have the language to describe the problem. lol

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i'd be more than happy to

i'd be more than happy to take your underused iphone off your hands and damn-well use it up :P

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Yeah but, my head explodes

Yeah but, my head explodes when techie talk is done :( I know how to turn on my DVD player, and most of the time I can send a text message with my cell phone, half the time I can't figure out how to answer it tho. and I kept having this wierd noise coming from it. My son informed me that I had been taking pictures with it, didn't even know it was a camera phone, I have alot of really cool shots of the wall, the floor, a chair, and 2 extreme close ups of the front door.

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

Weird noise? hmmmmm...could

Weird noise? hmmmmm...could it have been what they call a "dial tone" as well?

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but that's tech talk!

but that's tech talk! *eyes glaze over*

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I swear SANTA only bought it

I swear SANTA only bought it so I could do more KNITTING BLOG entries!! You can surely forgive this transgression into the realm of "technology"...