For All You Sock Knitters

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I can't think of a better way to show off all the great socks some of you have been knitting. Converse just came out with clear Chuck Taylors. You can find them here , they're listed in the girls section yet they do go up to a men's size 11. These are so cool, I might just have to get a pair (hopefully I can squeeze into a size 11), to set aside for when I finally get into knitting socks.

He he... 10 1/2 finally has

He he... 10 1/2 finally has an advantage! YES!!!

New here. Anyone here

New here. Anyone here interested in discussing sock knitting? I teach all kinds (dpn, circular, toe-up, cuff-down; Twisted Sisters) and was wondering if any of you are local to OKC.

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No way I could wear a size

No way I could wear a size 11. 12 is about as small as I can get my canoes into. LOL


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I'm 11.5US and Converse

I'm 11.5US and Converse usually run smaller on me so I'm probably out of luck as well.

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Very cool!!!

Very cool!!!