FO - 2 Cable "Irish Hiking Scarf"

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Wow... it's been a month since I have logged on to post!

In that time, I have finished the 2 cable version of the "Irish Hiking Scarf" that I was working on and posted about some time ago. Andy said he got unsolicited compliments about the scarf on his train commute home from work... so asked for a hat. No pattern - just "winged it"

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Both items were knitted

Both items were knitted using Lion Brand "Wool Ease" Thick & Quick in Charcoal on US Size 13. The scarf is particularly thick and full due to the cables... but it still has a nice drape to it.

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Great looking scarf. Half

Great looking scarf. Half the fun of knitting is knowing the basics and winging to see what you come you with. Good job!

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They turned out great. I

They turned out great. I really do like cabled scarves.


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The hat and scarf are

The hat and scarf are beautiful and look really cozy. What kind of yarn did you use and what weight. What size needles? The knitting has a nice "bloom" to it.