Somebody Stop Me, Please!!!!

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I have a huge stash of yarn, more projects and stuff than I will do in years, yet I cant seem to stop myself from getting more. One of my LYSs is closing and having their final sale. I made the mistake of going there today, "just to have a look". Damn, $320 later I stagger out with three very large bags full. The deals were amazing -- I got 14 skeins of the kettle died Manos del Uruguay wool yarn for about $7 each, and I also got 25 (count em 25!) of the Manos cotton skeins for just under $5 each. As well as 15 balls of an amazing charcoal tweed mohair from the old Pingouin label and on and on and on. Now I have to buy some more rubber maid tubs to store it all in, to join the 20 or so I already have. The thing is, I know I will do it again. I dont know what it is, but there is something about a fibre store that makes me throw all sense to the wind. Now to explain to my partner why the pathway through to the bathroom will be a bit narrower than it was before. lol. Do other of you have this affliction as well?


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I, too, am a yarnaholic! I

I, too, am a yarnaholic! I can't stop buying it! My partner is always asking what I am going to do with all my yarn... use it? keep it until it rots? what? I tell him that at some point if will be knit into a beautiful one-of-a-kind creation! He rolls his eyes at this. However, he has been known to add to my stash himself (!) when he runs across a sale and I can't get there! I have always loved yarn! Now, I know what to do with it! LOL

I say...tell him...if there

I say...tell him...if there is ever a national disaster and you needed clothes or can knit them!!!!!!!!!

Be prepared! ;)

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Hello, my name is James . .

Hello, my name is James . . . and I'm a yarnaholic.

If only I lived closer to

If only I lived closer to you...but to pay for a return trip London-your LYS might be taking a stashaholic's dream too far...
As it is, the piles of yarn in my room are already looking like a bank of flowers...not to mention those which are concealed under my bed...

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MIght I suggest that you

MIght I suggest that you look into those vacuum-sucker bags that compress you stuff down to a wafer? Then you can stack your stash like a deck of cards.

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That is a good idea for

That is a good idea for storage. The only problem with it is that I would be unable (I assume) to periodically fondle my treasure. lol. When I was a child I read the old Donald Duck comic books in which Uncle Scrooge McDuck had his money vault and he liked to swim and dive into all the cash. Similarly, I like to get naked and roll in my stash! LOL Or at least, I like to leave that option open.

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albert, have you been in

albert, have you been in my house recently? I have actually resorted to this, more of a way to conceal my stash. I vacuum pack some, put them in the bottom of the drawer then put loose skiens on top. I also have skeins hidden under my bed in plastic bins. 2 more years and my nagging children will be out of here and I can become the crazy yarn lady. (I like cats but I'd rather have 50 million skeins of yarn than 50 million cats)

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Wait a minute.... you're in

Wait a minute.... you're in the Niagara region of Ontario... I'm in Buffalo, NY... where is this yarn store!!!! I'm going to cross an international border to buy yarn! LOL

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It is in Niagara Falls

It is in Niagara Falls Ontario. 'The Knitting Habit" on Thorold Stone Road. However it is, unfortunately all over today (Saturday Dec. 15) so you will have to hustle. Also, all the Manos is gone ( I got it. lol) They are beginning an online knitting business though.

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I have heard of the place,

I have heard of the place, but never had been there. If it were back in the days of $1.65 Canadian on the US dollar I would be up there buying way too much. Never mind trying to get back through customs with all that yarn. LOL It's probably best for my budget and ability to cross the border in the future that I won't be going. Not to mention the currently sizable stash that I have.

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Aren't there laws against

Aren't there laws against this kind of behavior? Or at least Car Pools for it?

Isn't it awful? Who can ever

Isn't it awful? Who can ever resist sales anyway? I hold onto the stash and after about 3 years if I haven't found a project to suit the yarn, I gift some away to fellow knitters. It never goes to waste. Happy holidays.

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Your punishement is to put

Your punishement is to put those 14 skiens of of manos del uruguay into the mail immediately and ship them off to me. shame on you, you'll learn your lesson, or you'll ship me 14 skiens a month until you do!

I remember the days when I could afford to spend a small fortune on my hobbies. Now I am forced to be picky. I hate it. *cries*

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Don't stop.........let's

Don't stop.........let's start a support group that works with each other on explaining our wild abandon in yarn stores to our partners!

Knit on...........and shop on........

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I'm trying VERY HARD to

I'm trying VERY HARD to limit myself to 5 WIP at one time. It ain't easy, that's for sure! What does me in are the clearance sales at Jimmy Bean's and other online stores. I can sit at my MacBook and order yarn for hours, saying to myself "But it's such a BARGAIN and it will NEVER be this cheap again and these are DISCONTINUED COLORS!" and then it just arrives in my mailbox 3 or 4 days later and opening each package is like Christmas morning over and over again... Let's see, I've almost finished the alpaca pullover (just one more sleeve and the assembly/collar to go!), the boot socks are not yet on the needles, I haven't even read the lace shawl pattern yet, but hey! that's only THREE projects in process! Wait, I did order that Rowan Scottish Tweed for the Argyl Vest project (it's backordered) and I forgot about that clearance Regia sock yarn I bought with my last order..... NO NEW PROJECTS until next year! I feel you pain/joy and share you addiction. Stash is so wonderful....

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Ummm...stop you? Are you

Ummm...stop you? Are you crazy???