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I hate it when, nearing the end of a project, I run out of yarn. Twelve rows to go, and I have to go buy a whole new ball of yarn. Oh, well, I guess that's how stashes are born.


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Purly, that's a good idea,

Purly, that's a good idea, except I have to have it finished in a week. It's a surprise christmas present for my wife.

MMario, good point!

Asplund, that's a good idea. I *am* likely to use it again at some point.

Gardenguy - exactly!

Tortielover, wow! I definately don't plan on doing that.

I have what was meant to be

I have what was meant to be a black hat, but ran out of wool with a few rows to go. In very bad taste, I put an orange/red/green variegated mix to finish the hat. It gets comments, mind you, but the not the sort I'd have wanted for a black hat!

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I'd far rather run out with

I'd far rather run out with 12 rows to go then run out with a dozen stitches to go!

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but if the yarns don't

but if the yarns don't exactly match, 12 stitches don't look as bad as 12 rows!

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Fortunately, I managed to

Fortunately, I managed to find the same dye lot.

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oh how lucky!

oh how lucky!

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You could use it for

You could use it for swatches testing different patterns to see if they're fun to knit. Also, if you like the yarn and think you'll use it again you can test the gauge using different needle sizes too. Personally, I think it saves time when I'm eager to start a new project and don't feel like knitting a swatch first! Asplund

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I feel your pain -- I was

I feel your pain -- I was finishing up the Fiber Trends "Felted Clogs" project a couple of weekends ago and actually ran out while casting off the second sole, about 35 stitches from completion. I had to order the Cascade 220 from Jimmy Bean's because the color I used wasn't available at any of my LYS. Luckily, they got it to me in 4 days and I finished up in less than 15 minutes. From now on I will order an extra hank of anything I'm working on, just in case.... I can always use the leftovers for some other small project, right?

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Hey there... you could post

Hey there... you could post with the details of exactly what you're knitting with to see if anyone has a stash of it leftover. Might work...