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Looking for a cool (as in brilliant) felted wool slipper pattern! Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to make them for a friend for Christmas. Thanks!!!


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I made the Fiber Trends

I made the Fiber Trends AC-33 a couple of months ago too. Love Them. They're double thickness so they're VERY warm. But they're not hard to make. The trick, I think is to make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY. I had to rip out a few things on the first one because I was trying to do "what I thought the pattern was saying" instead of what the pattern was actually saying.

You'll whip them up pretty quickly too - that's an added benefit!

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I really love the felted

I really love the felted clogs we used for the clog-a-long last summer.

In in the process of starting my second pair as I have worn holes in the bottoms of em.

The pattern was Fiber Trends AC-33x

they can be made more slipper like by adding some more rows to the back. I think fiber trends also has more traditional slipper patterns available.

here is the original clog-a-long post:

and here are my finished clogs:

I ended up using rug backing to give them some grip.

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