Whine, whine, whine

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Here's my dilemma: I have made so much chocolate fudge, so much peanut butter fudge, and so much divinity in the past few days, it's no wonder I haven't gotten any knitting done. I hate that.

'Tis the season I suppose, but how the heck am I going to get gifts made if I can't quit making candy and eating myself too sick to knit?

It's a tough life, but someone has to live it I guess.



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Yes but after you eat

Yes but after you eat everything you have made, you have the pleasure of knitting all new clothes to fit the new you. :-)

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yup - you are just going to

yup - you are just going to have to stop work. Sleep is much more important.

ps - should you happen to make Penuche - *drool* then cut out the sleeping too.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Peter, have you cut out

Peter, have you cut out sleep and work yet? I found out that I freed up TONS of time when I got rid of those two hobbies!

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I cut out sleep about 4 kids

I cut out sleep about 4 kids ago . . . goes with the territory. As far as sharing all these goodies with you all, that's a great idea except for all the people that will be staying at my house over Christmas: the immediate family (see profile), my parents in law and their son and his girlfriend. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel, so I'm going to be hiding out with the knitting somewhere else.


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No no - send it to

No no - send it to ME!!!!


Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Bad boy! For your

Bad boy! For your punishment, box up all that distracting candy and send it to me.