Queen Anne Lace Shawl #2 Off Needles

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I finished my second Queen Anne Lace Shawl (Mario's wonderful pattern). So I'm feeling a little relieved knowing that I just have to block it and it's ready to be given as a Christmas present. Both of my sisters are betting QAL shawls for Christmas. You might recall seeing the pink QAL I have already finished and blocked. Once I get this shawl blocked, I'll post pictures of it as well. Queen Anne Lace Shawl #1 - pink

The purple color isn't showing up too well. It's actually a darker, deeper purple. And if you notice the shawl seems a bit puffy it's because it's laid out over a down comforter.


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Well done TomH. Here is a

Well done TomH. Here is a tip in the blocking of large pieces. I bought a 4' x 8' sound board from Home Depot. On a circular shawl I lay a sheet over the board stick a pin with a string half the dieameter of the shawl in the 3/4" edge and draw a semi circle on both sides of sheet. Tpins eliminates rust marks when pinning it out. Lace is my cup of tea.

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Actually, I use four 2' x 8'

Actually, I use four 2' x 8' sheets of rigid insulation (bought at Home Depot - though not my favorite store at all) and duct tape them together to give me an 8' x 8' blocking board. My only concern is this blocking board may not be big enough for the shawl I currently have on the needles!!!

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That is really amazing. I

That is really amazing. I cant get over how fast you are. Beautiful

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"I cant get over how fast

"I cant get over how fast you are."

The last time I said that to a man I ended up having to get a cab home :(

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That is absolutely

That is absolutely beautiful. It never ceases to amaze me the talent displayed in this group.


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Technical question I've

Technical question

I've never tried lace knitting but am intrigued and may give it a go. My question: When you start a new hank of yarn, how do you join the ends? With heavier yarns I just start knitting with the new skein and then weave in the ends at the end, hiding them in the bulk of the fabric. With lace there doesn't seem to be much 'bulk' in which to hide the ends. The patterns are so 'open' that I would think any woven-in ends would be visible. Is there another technique you guys use when you need to start a new hank/skein?

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I use what some (many)

I use what some (many) people might think is not a good technique but it works for me. I actually tie a knot (horror!) to connect the new skein to the old skein. (I've read many, many places where you should never tie a knot in your knitting.) Then, I loosely weave in the ends on the back side for quite a ways using duplicate stitch. Luckily on this pattern, there are some small areas of stockinette stitch which is where I do the duplicate stitch. I know there are other techniques like the Russian Join but I don't use them. Maybe I should learn the Russian join some day. It does look like a great technique.

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I knot as well. I

I knot as well. I occassionally use russion join, or a spit splice. but more normally - knot.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Thanks, Mario. I feel better

Thanks, Mario. I feel better now about knotting my yarn.

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Now for my next question

Now for my next question (grin!)....

What types of needles do you use at different times? I believe I read that this was done on #8s. Would you start out with the center sts on dpns, then switch to circulars at some point? How large of diameter circulars?

Also I was noticing at the beginning of Mario's pattern that he listed the total number of sts after an increase up until 96 sts and after that nothing. Yet I'm pretty sure I saw more increase rows. Any clue what the total number of sts on the needles at one time winds up to be? Somehow I just have the feeling that binding off would be a true bitch!


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I use Knit Picks Options

I use Knit Picks Options nickel plated circular needles. Since I knit in the round using the Magic Loop method, I need to start with a long circular needle. I cast on my initial eight stitches onto a 40" needle (for this particular shawl I used a #9 US circular needle). Then, when the 40" needle gets too full of stitches, I switch to a 60" circular needle of the same size.

The total number of stitches on the needles when working the outside and before binding off is 736 stitches. So it does take a while to those long rounds. Binding off all those stitches isn't that difficult, it just takes time as you can imagine. But the red shawl I knit (before I knitted Mario's QAL pattern ended up with 1,152 stitches on the needle. So it's all relative.

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I stat on dpn's and then

I stat on dpn's and then switch to a circ, but that's because that's the method I prefer - anything that works for you is good. I *have* knit this on a 29 inch circ; but that was with lace-weight and I will admit that it was VERY crowded at the end.

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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when I weave in my ends, I

when I weave in my ends, I basically do a duplicate stitch, following the knitted stitches. Although I have never done lace, I imagine it would work with lace as well.

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gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Isn't that memories yarn wonderful to the touch? That's what I made my fingerless gloves out of, and I'm soooo bummed they discontinued it. I can't wait to try this pattern, it's absolutely beautiful. Honestly MMario, I'd pay for these patterns (although I love FREE!) have you considered selling some?

oh and I've been practicing knitting in the round!

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Tom, that's beautiful, and

Tom, that's beautiful, and what a fabulous colour.

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Tom, Another beautiful


Another beautiful shawl..............your skills and speed amaze me! Very well done......again!

Knit on,

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Tom, They're both beautiful.


They're both beautiful. How does one wear a shawl like this though? And what size needles and yarn? Your sisters will be amazed I'm sure. Thanks for sharing.


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My guess is you fold it in

My guess is you fold it in half or fold in the top third or so, and wear it that way. I just knit 'em. I don't wear 'em -- yet!

This (purple) shawl I knit using #9 US circulars and Knit Picks Palette yarn. It measures 52 inches across in it's unblocked state.

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heh=heh=heh! It wasn't too


It wasn't too long ago Tom was saying - oh, I don't know if I could do that...and *I* was saying - hey - it's one stitch at a time.

He does make the pattern look good!

MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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You are so right. And I owe

You are so right. And I owe it all to you.

I'm on Row 102 of QAL #3 right now. This one should be the largest of the three since I'm knitting in on #10 US circs and KnitPicks Memories yarn (which is now discontinued.) Hope to finish it within the month unless holidays get in the way.

Stunning. Words cannot

Stunning. Words cannot describe what I feel when I see lace work.

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Thanks. I have to admit, I

Thanks. I have to admit, I do feel it's an accomplishment when I get a shawl off the needles. Now I can't wait to see it blocked.

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Tom what a beautiful doily

Tom what a beautiful doily pattern......you have to let me know where u got it from

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Beautiful- looks like dahlia

Beautiful- looks like dahlia in full bloom. Someday I'll have to try lace but first I'll need a source of wholesale aspirin.

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Lace probably isn't any more

Lace probably isn't any more difficult to knit than things you've already knitted. You just knit one stitch at a time ... and count. In order to knit a circular shawl, you need to master knitting with double points, the magic loop technique or two circular needles (I've never done the two circular needle thing.) But you could always knit lace in a square or rectangle first. Give it a go. You might like it.