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Posted my squirrel pics to Flickr so I could add them to my Ravelry page.

Kind of forgot that my bf has me as a contact on HIS Flickr page, so I got a call from him from Australia last night telling me how cute the squirrel was. Well, so far, I've only managed to ruin the surprise for one Christmas gift...that's gotta be a record for me. LOL I informed Travis that the squirrel was dead until Christmas and that, ACTUALLY, I didn't even know what he was talking about.

I'm pretty sure that I was convincing. LOL least I know he'll like it!


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YSP it is then, rolls off

YSP it is then, rolls off the tongue much better than YDSP too. the D therefor and hitherto and whynot shall be implied.

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So it's BACK to being

So it's BACK to being roadkill?! haha Please post pictures when you get all the finishing touches on. I love how the body looked when you posted earlier.

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Did you add the eyes, etc-

Did you add the eyes, etc- where's the pix?

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Not yet. Trying to find

Not yet. Trying to find time before work to go pick up some poly-fill, eye posts, and something to use for a nose is just...difficult. bleh. I hope to get that done maybe Friday. Maybe.

Probably not... LOL

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Bwahahaha from this day

Bwahahaha from this day forth every evil knitting pattern that has me yanking my hair out will be known as the YDSP YugiDean Squirrel Project

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Brilliant. I like the idea

Brilliant. I like the idea that my torture could become a part of speech:

Verb: "I was knitting this really simple scarf, but then I YDSP'd it, and now I don't know what I'm doing anymore."

Noun: "I'm knitting a YDSP for my mom. It's a bright orange sweater with neon green trim."

Adjective: "This is such a YDSPish pattern."

Okay, so that last one might be a stretch. If you take out the D and just make it YSP, then you could actually say it as it's own word. Maybe it can become a staple in knit-speak like WIP or "frogged" or "FO" or LYS. That would be awesome. LOL

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But where it REALLY shines

But where it REALLY shines is as an expletive: "YSP you!!!"
Loose translation: May all of your projects look like roadkill, your needles break, your stitches drop, and your yarn be infested with lice.

Best reserved for those people you SERIOUSLY dislike!

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*feared* fork the evil eye

*feared* fork the evil eye and say that. then it becomes more like a curse, evilness.