Check Out My Basket

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We don't actually have a fiber arts class at school, so I have been doing my best to work them into my wood & metals courses.

This is from last semester, but this was the first chance I had to photograph it.

Bronze Knit Basket 4

(click above for more images)

This is machine-knit cotton fabric cast in bronze.

I did another knit fabric project this semester, I hope to have pictures of it up much sooner.


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Great idea &

Great idea & results!

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Ditto to all the below, but

Ditto to all the below, but where did you find bronze yarn?

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It is a great looking

It is a great looking basket!

Help, I couldn't resist: As for the bronze yarn, He must have just cast it on!

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lol, You're Punny!

lol, You're Punny!

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what a stunning basket

what a stunning basket Justin........ I would like to know how u made that basket...

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It's super cool. Looks all

It's super cool. Looks all ancient. I like the "threadbare" parts of it.

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Very beautiful. Amazing

Very beautiful. Amazing artistry.

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Stunning. I'm in awe.

Stunning. I'm in awe.

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That is gorgeous!

That is gorgeous!

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Interesting. Mason Linux:



Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Wow! Now that's pretty

Wow! Now that's pretty incredible. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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That is awesome Justin!

That is awesome Justin!