One last squirrel question

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I have one last squirrel question. I've read through the rest of the pattern, and it's smooth sailing except for the very next step. At this point, I am finished with the tail and have completed sewing it shut (except, as it requests, the last 3").

The following instructions are confusing me:

"Fold cast on edge flat with seam at center of one side. Sew cast on edge to body at center back of body base. Opening for stuffing should face away from body and tail should curve away from head."

So I get the orientation of the tail just fine, but the folding and seaming instructions are confusing me. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas?


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*Doin my OMG YugiDean's

*Doin my OMG YugiDean's Squirrel From Hell is done dance*

(careful people have been known to get hurt when I dance)

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it sounds to me like the

it sounds to me like the caston is at the base of the tail and the seam runs up the length of the tail? if so, then fold it so the cast on is flat, and the seam runs up the middle of the tail.
MMario - ambiguity is cultivated, it doesn't happen in a vacuum!

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Reading what you said, I

Reading what you said, I still didn't get it. LOL But then after just staring at the taile for a while, it finally clicked, and reading what you said again finally made sense. LOL I contribute my revelation to the unconscious processing of the information you gave me. ;-)

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I think it's saying to fold

I think it's saying to fold the cast on edge so that your seam runs up the left or right side, and sewn to the lower part of the back in the center.

Do you have a picture of how this monstrosity is to look when it's done? Who is the evilness that came up with this? Is there not some type of knitting mafia that eliminates such things?

Ok on second thought I'm thinking it means it's time to roast the squirrel and move on to a nice sweater!

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You can see a picture here:

You can see a picture here:

LOL Yes, I will not be making two squirrels, that's for sure. :-)

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from the LOOK of it, if I

from the LOOK of it, if I were to look at this as I would a sewing pattern, the seam running up the tail would be on the backside or underside of the tail, with the raw edge (cast on edge) at the bottom, the cast on edge would be where I would attach it to the very bottom of the body of the squirrel. am I making sense? I can see it in my mind but I am having trouble describing it.

hot glue it on! or ummmm leave it off, and say it lost it's tail in a horrible nut accident. It ran in front of the car? or umm maybe it had a run in with the neighborhood red squirrel gang!

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I figured it out! :-D I

I figured it out! :-D I was trying to keep it oriented the same way it was when I finished knitting and seaming it. HOWEVER, they wanted you to "flatten" it the other way. I don't know how to explain it. I should've been making a photo log for this project so that if/when someone else attempts it, they would get an idea of what these (shitty) instructions mean. LOL Nevertheless, everything's attached! All I have to do now is work in the ends, and sew the two openings shut with some cotton yarn and then felt! Woo hoo!

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My first thought is that the

My first thought is that the tail gets stitched to the back so it looks like the tail is upright (i'm guessing the squirrel is sitting up on its haunches). Thats my thought, I'm not too sure how to do it, I'm still new at knitting :) Hope it helps though.